Living Room Makeover: 7 ways to style the blank wall

A blank wall in the living room is a problem that every homeowner has faced before. From moving homes to changing tastes, living rooms always seem to have a white space that seems like an empty canvas waiting to be decorated or camouflaged behind the furniture.

In all honesty, walking to a decorated room with an empty wall is not only unpleasant to the eye but also gives off a dull vibe. As if the homeowners didn’t care enough to pay attention to the walls? It breaks the harmony of the space you’re trying to create and makes you realize how much work still needs to be done. Some believe that “less is more” in their style, while others want to emphasize their passions and interests. Whichever category you fall into, it is important to understand the variety of ways you can decorate a wall with paint, patches, and plants. 

Here is a list of seven ways to style the living room blank wall.

  1. Surfboard

Your living room wall is often the best place to put a surfboard because it can serve as a focal point that will tie up the space like a broken piece of a puzzle. Though simply placing a giant, bulky surfboard on an empty wall wouldn’t look as charming as the image in your head. 

Surfboards can look nice depending on your space but also clogs up the room. If that’s the case with you, don’t fret; just invest. All you need is a rental storage unit to solve all your crowded space problems. No matter which state, or area you live in, you will find a storage facility there. Even if you live in a town like Nashville, simply type “Nashville storage units” in the search bar, get a quote from their website, and benefit from the services.

A large board can overwhelm the room and block out large areas of natural light from the windows. If you want to maximize the visual appeal of your surfboard, hang it horizontally for a clear view of its shape, length, and surface pattern. 

  1. Tapestry

Tapestry has been used for centuries to cover blank walls in traditional homes and barns, but it is now a popular way of adding color, texture, and warmth to the decor. The tapestry you choose can be anything, from a simple image of nature or artwork to something more abstract. You can pick whatever you want and hang it to fill the awkward white wall.

  1. Hanging Plants

Hanging plants can be a great addition to your living room blank wall. They are often considered decorations that can add character to your living room. Hanging plants also bring freshness and vitality to the room. The most important thing is that they can help clean the air in your living room.

Tropical house plants such as ficus, pothos, spider plants, and dracaena help freshen a stuffy indoor environment by producing oxygen at night. The best part about these plants is their ability to thrive in low light conditions and grow leaves even in dark corners of the room.

  1. Large or Tall Mirrors      

One of the most useful things to style a blank wall is to add a large mirror. Mirrors make rooms appear bigger, brighter, and open up spaces, creating an illusion of depth.

Tall mirrors can also be used to visually extend a ceiling, making the room feel higher and more spacious. Mirrors are cheap, easy, and instant ways to update any blank wall in your living room. If you do not like placing mirrors directly against a wall, try putting them on an easel or leaning them against a shelf attached to your wall.

  1. Freestanding Shelves     

A blank wall in your living room has the potential to look boring. On the other hand, a freestanding shelf can add interest to a space and make it more stylish. The shelves are simple and easy to install. The shelves have a sturdy construction and will fit any decor style. Freestanding shelves come in various materials, including metal, wood, and glass. The material you choose can depend on your taste and the amount of space you have available in the living room. 

For example, if your blank wall is adjacent to an area where guests congregate, glass shelves might be too much of a tripping hazard. Metal shelves are sturdy, but they require more assembly than other freestanding shelves. Wood shelving can be painted or stained to match your home’s decor or left natural to blend in with the rest of the room’s wood elements.

Freestanding shelves are available at most home improvement stores for a reasonable price.

  1. Quotes Frames

Quotes are great additions to any decor, especially those that reflect your personality or the personality of your family members. The inspirational quotes you find online can be easily framed and hung on your living room walls. You can get creative with this by adding color to the frame or using different colors to give an artistic effect to the room. These quotes will remind you always to be thankful and appreciate what you have in life. You can even personalize these quotes by changing them according to your preference or liking.

  1. Decorative Wall Rugs

The best solution to a blank wall is adding a decorative wall rug to give a style and personality to the room. Wall rugs are ideal for small homes or apartments that need extra storage space. They add color, style, and personality without taking too much space. Take a look at your living room wall and decide what size would work best. Decorative rugs are used as an element of decoration and serve as a practical item to refresh your living space. They offer warmth and comfort to your living room space, while their design makes any decorating style pop.

A decorative wall rug can be placed on one side of your blank wall or in its center. If you want to make more than one statement with this decoration piece, you can place several rugs located in different corners of the space. This will give your living room a very chic look and even more personality.


The key takeaway from this post is that the living room blank wall can look wonderful when styled beautifully. These seven design ideas can make for a stunning focal point in any living room without breaking the bank. Add a few choice pieces to your living room, and take a browse through all the ideas shared, and then try it out with your decor.

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