Looking to Hire a Quality Limousine Service?

The days are gone when one could only dream about a luxury car. Today, people can rent their dream luxury car and make a classy entry to an event. Limousines are timeless and famous for their convenience and style of transportation. The Vancouver Limo services are one such example of good rental facilities. Vancouver, a city in western Canada, has some of the most acceptable range of limo services to offer.

People generally associate the term Limousine with the typical stretch limo. On the contrary, any chauffeured vehicle service can be labeled as a limousine. From an executive sedan to the luxury coach vehicle, it incorporates all. It is not true that wealthy people can only use such luxury cars. Times have changed, and today one can easily afford a luxurious rental.

Vehicle Type and Cost

There are infinite options to choose from depending on the needs. Every budget has a choice, making it easier for people to pick. The service cost is based on the type of event and vehicle. For example, a luxury SUV can cost around $95/ hour in Vancouver, Canada. Weddings can cost about $350 to $800 and proms around $800 to $1600.

  • An SUV is for six passengers and costs about $80 to $100/hour.
  • Stretch limos can accommodate 8 to 10 passengers, and the expense is around $75 to $100 /per hour.
  • Party buses are more extensive and can take 14 passengers. The hourly charges range from $100 to $175.

The car model, package, and duration decide the expense of the Vancouver Limo services.

Services Offered


One can limousine hire a vehicle for the wedding to make a hassle-free royal entry. There is a wide variety, from a car for the two stars or the entire crew.

Graduation and Prom

Proms are very crucial for every high school student. Yes, it is 100% possible to make that dreamy prom entry with a Limo.


The vehicles can also be booked for traveling to the most-awaited concerts. The starry night can be more illuminating by sitting in a luxury sedan.


The rentals are an integral part of the various fundraisers and scholarship programs. They also sponsor and add to the noble cause. So, book a limo for the next charity event.

Apart from the events mentioned above, the vehicles are also hired for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate services, airport services, fine dining, etc.

Perks of Hiring a Limo

  • Three hundred severe injuries are caused on a yearly average in Vancouver due to collisions. Driving can be dangerous, but limo drivers are highly experienced and ensure their passengers’ safety. They know the best defensive techniques and offer an excellent ride.
  • Riding ridesharing services for important events can sometimes be a considerable risk. But with a limo, things like these are not possible. They are well aware of the routes and know which way is the shortest.
  • Say goodbye to the parking problems with the rental service. The driver will drop a person off right at the spot and pick them up again at the designated time. The fear of walking alone late at night is no more a concern.

Final Words

Vancouver has the most population density in Canada and is among the most livable cities. The luxurious limo is sure to add more charm to the lives and events with the exceptional experience. It gives the VIP feel while going to special events. The vehicles provide the required privacy during travel time. So, contact a reliable service provider and make a magnificent entry into the upcoming event. you can also check online to find out more.

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