More Information About Aquarium Chillers

A chiller is aquarium equipment that is utilized for keeping the water in the fish tank cool, or, rather preventing the fish tank water from exceeding a particular temperature. The aquarium chiller is similar to a small refrigerator that is installed in-line with the exterior filtration system with the sole purpose of cooling or chilling the water when it passes through the system. Once connected with a thermostat, the chiller can help prevent the tank from exceeding the pre-determined temperature. This is highly crucial for tanks that house cold water fish like bass or trout, or when you’re keeping fish species such as goldfish in warmer climate. While a tank heater assists with keeping the fish aquarium warm for tropical fish, the chiller keeps the tank cool. 

What Is Essential To Know About Tank Chillers?

Most tank keepers, especially those that starts an aquarium don’t have a need for an aquarium chiller. They are more suited for advanced tank systems. Chillers are typically designed for bigger aquariums. This is in part, mostly due to the fish requiring chillers being larger ones that necessitate larger tanks. Also, cold water fish species tend to need more space per fish, therefore the aquarium must be large enough. A chiller for an aquarium is a relatively pricey piece of equipment and will probably not be available at your local pet shop because the are not widely sought-after. This is because many individuals don’t usually keep the types of fish that necessitate a chiller. 

Where Can One Buy A Chiller If You Need It?

If your plan entails keeping fish that use a chiller, first check with the local pet shop to see if they can order one for you, and whichever other equipment you require. Many chillers will need external plumbing and nearly all of them uses a pump with the appropriate flow rate. Before you order cold water fish, first ensure that the chiller is set up properly and working as it should, and that the aquarium is maintained at a continuous temperature. 

Why Should An Aquarium Be Cooled?

Planted Aquarium – equal type of equipment needs that are utilized for mini-reef aquariums might be required for a planted aquarium too. Plants generally flourish in cooler temperature; however, the roots must be warm. Adding a cable heater can assist with heating a planted tank and can boost plant growth. 

Mini-reef Aquarium – The equipment requirements necessitated for reef tanks often requires heat addition to the system. The heat exchange can reach above the desired temperature easily but will require cooling for the inhabitants to survive. In most reef tanks a temperature of 75-78°F is ideal. While higher temperatures than this is tolerated, any temperatures exceeding 80°F must be avoided since it can lead to health issues. Fish-only marine tanks that are adequately circulated can handle temperatures of more than 80°F. Keep in mind that temperature control is critical for maintaining an aquarium’s health. A daily change of merely a few degrees can be stressful to the fish and can increase the risk of disease or fatality. 

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