Most Common Surgical Supplies to Keep on Hand

Are you looking to restock your surgical supplies?

Keeping your supplies stocked in any industry is important to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. This is even more important in the medical industry as a person’s life can depend on it. How do you know which ones should you stock up on, though?

The number of instruments on the market today makes it hard to know which ones are essential. Below is a list that tells you the most commonly used supplies in surgery. Read on and know what to stock up on. 

I.V. Starter Kits

It’s essential that you have these kits in stock no matter what. Anyone could do with help from I.V. lines no matter what their situation is. These are often used to deliver medication directly into the bloodstream over a long period of time, and even for intravenous rehydration in certain, extreme cases.

Starter kits also include some essentials like alcohol pads and gloves. These ensure you have the necessary tools when using these kits. Prep and cleaning will be a breeze with these additional supplies.

Head Supports

Different surgical procedures put the patient in varying positions. In some positions, their heads may not be at the ideal angle for comfort. This is where head supports come in.

These can range from gel pads to cushions. All they need to be is clean enough for viability during surgery.

They also need to aid the patient in breathing they undergo the procedure. Some procedures put them in a precarious position where their breathing gets impaired. The pillow aims to readjust their head position for comfort.

General Disposables

These are among the most commonly restocked types of supplies in an operating room. These include items like equipment covers that protect the equipment when not in use. These also keep them clean and ready for the next emergency.

Facemasks, gauze, and gloves also fall into these categories. These face regular use in the operating room and are viable in all scenarios.

Syringes are also among the most commonly used among the general disposables. Since you’ll have to get rid of them after one use, it’s best to have a large stock of them available.

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Anesthesia Screens

Anesthesia screens are useful when you do a large number of outpatient surgeries. This helps prevent the patient from seeing the procedure and inducing worry or shock. This is especially useful nowadays as a number of surgeries require the patient to be awake.

These are also useful in keeping the area receiving treatment clean and infection-free. Even the bacteria from a patient’s mouth can infect instruments, putting the patient at risk of septic shock and such.

Stock Up on Essential Surgical Supplies Today

Knowing which surgical supplies you need to stock up on will reduce what you buy but keep everything moving forward. Check out the supplies and instruments with high usage above and stock up today!

Do you want to learn more about surgical instruments and supplies? Check out the rest of our guides today! Keep exploring and learn more about all the essential instruments!

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