MP3BOO: Free Music Download Sites like MP3BOO

Mp3boo: Are you a music freak? If the answer is yes, you must be in a constant search of websites which could help you download music for free, right? A site like Mp3boo which could provide you with a plethora of songs to listen as well as download it is like a blessing. Isn’t it?

Therefore, here we have provided you a detailed list of some of the most useful free music download sites. All that you need is to access them and download all your favorite songs without any fuss. So check them out and explore the unexplored world of music.


MP3BOO: 8 Free Music Download Sites like MP3BOO

1. Amazon Music like Mp3boo

Didn’t know that Amazon provides free music download? Well, there is a free music download section in Amazon which is continuously updated by the team. If you go through the music section of the website you would find amazing features to explore. New releases, songs from the famous artists and new movies are added so that you can enjoy them anytime. All that you need is to access the website, go to the music section and find the songs of your choice.


This is one of those sites which was shut down in the year 2014. However, it has reemerged with a bang now. It’s excellent streaming to download site which also provides the feature of YouTube conversion. Isn’t it fascinating? There is a search option from where you may find the songs of your preferences. The website which was alternative of Mp3boo will convert the song into free music download instantly, and you may keep it with you forever.

3. Wynk Music is another site like Mp3boo

If you are fond of Indian music, Wynk Music will help you find a plethora of songs from different categories. The best part of Wynk is it not only offer free music but also helps you to manage, organize as well as download them as per your preference. From the regional songs, mainstream songs to that of global ones, you name it, and Wynk Music has it.

4. Jamendo Music

This is one of those free music download websites which is offering free songs for years. The best part is the entire download is entirely free. Other than this, protection by Creative Common License is the added feature you would get. It implies that the creators of the songs are okay if you download their songs for your enjoyment. Whether Drake is in your mind or DJ Khaled, all that you need is to search the song and download it. If you love Mp3boo, you will love Jamendo Music too.

5. SoundClick

There are thousands of artist websites, and there are many people who are fond of the songs floating in them. Are you also one of them? Well, in that case, SoundClick which is alternative of Mp3boo could be your ultimate buddy. Offering free downloads from many artists websites; this is perfect to find your favorite songs from different artists. You may search any song by artist, genre or the chart. Sample the songs or download all depends upon you.

6. SoundCloud

Although SoundCloud is a free streaming service you could still find a lot of songs from different artists for the free download. If any artists have enabled the free download feature, you get the access to it instantly for downloading it. Once downloaded it is all yours to listen anytime and anywhere. If you are a fan of Mp3boo, you will definitely like this.

7. Pure Volume

At Pure Volume, you could find a large number of songs to download for free from different artists. Whether you love Drake, Kanye West, Nicky Minaj or Mariah Carey you could find songs of all of them at just one place- Pure Volume. Besides, offering long list of emerging artists you can easily find the latest tracks from them to explore, download and enjoy. Since Pure Volume is providing its services for more than a decade, it experience half-a-million visitors every month. This could be your cool Mp3boo alternative.

8. Spinrilla

Spinrilla is not only a website that offers free music download like Mp3boo but an app as well. You may check the website if you love mixtapes. The site can be considered as a treasure chest for mixtapes like hip-hop. It provides them at a single interface and help people download them for free. The app has registered having more than 5 million downloads which is an accomplishment in itself. All that you need is to either access the website or download the app to experience downloading the mixtapes with no hassles.

Wrapping Up

When listening to a song and adding them to your playlist becomes important nothing but a free music download website comes in handy. These are some of the best and most useful free music download sites that are used by music lovers the most. So if you are new in the arena and looking for such websites like Mp3boo, try the ones listed above and enjoy.

Have a happy exploring, downloading and listening!

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