Parking Lot Striping – Why It Should Be Done?

Getting a convenient parking spot in a busy area is a luxury that most of you hope for when you are looking to park your car. But often when you reach the parking lot, the marking on the parking is not clear and that makes it unsafe for the drivers as it causes distractions. Moreover, after every seasonal change, you will see that the lines on the parking lots are not as visible as it should be. Hence it is important to invest in the maintenance of parking lots. Not just that there are various other benefits of parking lot striping, learn more about it below:

Benefits of Striping the Parking Lots

Striping of the parking lot is not new; these are the markers and lines that are painted in the parking spaces. It is done for demarcation, on the pavement, in public or private parking, etc so that it is easy to move in and out of the lot. The stripes are not just used for framing the parking spot but are also useful for marking handicapped parking spots and arrows that show traffic flow direction. It is also used as lettered signs for NO ENTRY, EXIT, ENTER, NO PARKING, STOP, SLOW, and so on. It is basically used to increase the safety and efficiency of the traffic flow.

Increases safety: Safety of its customers and employees is the top priority of all businesses. Striping makes sure that the building environment is safe for everyone who uses the building. Ensure that you not only concentrate on striping of parking spaces but also the pedestrian crossings, fire lines, arrows for traffic flow, etc. All this ensures the safety of your customers and prevents accidents and liability to your business.

Prevents damage to cars: The striping on the parking lots is essential as it is the best way to prevent any damage. When the lines get faded and disappear, parking becomes difficult for customers. Additionally, when there are no clear markings, drivers park farther from each other to avoid damage from other vehicles. So it is better to have parking lines so that the drivers know how much room is available for parking. It is best done in the summer.

Enhances the attractiveness of the property: One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal is to enhance the looks of the parking space. This way, striping helps to increase visual appeal and makes the business stand out. It helps to attract more customers and improve revenue.

Efficient utilization of space: One of the main advantages of striping is, it aids in using the available space to its maximum. Having lines with frames helps to clearly define the parking space for a vehicle and also helps in reducing traffic congestion. When stripes are drawn in parking lots, the drivers will not park haphazardly. You can also ensure that the maximum number of vehicles are parked in the parking lot. Moreover, vehicles of all sizes can be parked by marking, and space can be effectively used. This is a big deal especially in areas where parking spaces are premium and in great demand.

Makes it look professional: Striping of parking lots makes the lot look bright and well maintained. Parking lots look inviting and also help to boost the image of your business and your brand value. Well defined spaces make it easy for drivers to have a convenient and pleasant experience.

Prevent liability: Parking lot stripes can lose its shine when there is heavy snow or rain. If for some reason an employee or a customer is injured due to faded stripes then the owner of the parking space becomes liable to their injuries. You will have to pay the cost of medical bills, loss of wages, and also for mental trauma. Taking care of parking stripes implies that you are less liable to such damages.

Compliance with laws of the state: Many countries have laws that mandate handicap parking spots to be close to the building’s entry. When you stripe the parking lots it is easy for the handicap visitors to spot the designated space for parking and also access the building. Striping not only helps you be compliant with the laws of the land, but it also shows you care!

Parking lot striping is also known as traffic markings and helps to organize the traffic. An effective striping is the one that is bright and durable. It is typically performed by a professional and hence best to hire a qualified service to get the best work done.

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