Part time MBA in Singapore

A part-time MBA in Singapore is good for individuals with a strong educational background and professional experience who want to advance their careers without quitting their job.

MBA, or the Master of Business Administration, is an internationally recognized degree that proves one’s business acumen and leadership skills. It also demonstrates how much he or she has learned about general management principles and practices especially in his or her industry. Because of its global recognition, getting an MBA can help individuals progress faster than those with just bachelor’s degrees, such as undergraduate business programs such as Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) or other related degrees such as finance and accounting. The number of people who opt to get an MBA degree every year has increased dramatically over the past few years, making it more competitive to get into a top business school.

In Singapore, the number of part-time MBA programs has also increased over the past couple of years as there has been a hike in the demand for executives who have management skills and an enhanced set of knowledge about their industries. Although they are not as popular as full-time MBA programs which aim to train students with zero professional experience coming from fresh undergraduate degrees, part time MBA in Singapore is still a very attractive degree option because it ensures some level of success without compromising one’s career or family life. Furthermore, part-time MBA programs’ tuition fees are usually lower than those required by full-time programs, making them more accessible financially.

In 2014 QS world university rankings, Nanyang Technological University has been named as the top business school in Singapore, followed by Singapore Management University at number 2 and the National University of Singapore at number 4. Rounding up the top 5 is INSEAD, a French business school with campuses in France and Singapore.

In terms of MBA programs that can be completed within just 12 to 24 months, Lee Kong Chian School of Business from NTU ranks first in part-time MBA focusing on Asian markets and one international exchange program per year. The second spot goes to Tippie College of Business from the University of Iowa which offers high-quality courses such as Global Marketing Management & Strategy and International Trade & Investment Policy Analysis. The third is Warwick Business School from the University of Warwick in the UK which is known for its case-based teaching method. The fourth spot goes to NUS Business School, one international exchange program per year, while the fifth is Singapore Management University.

Other business schools in Singapore include SIM Global Education, Kaplan Higher Education Academy, and MDIS TAFE. The former offers part-time MBA programs at all levels, including Foundation in Business Management (FBM) and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM). Meanwhile, both MAI Global Education and Kaplan offer diploma courses that are equivalent to first-year undergraduate courses required by some universities during their part-time MBA programs.

Part-time MBA programs are designed to help students who want to gain specialization without quitting their jobs. This is especially useful for those who wish to take on management roles in their current company, or become entrepreneurs with the help of relevant knowledge and skills they acquire from their MBA degree. Furthermore, most part-time MBA programs offer students with zero professional experience or first-year undergraduate courses required by some universities during their part-time MBA programs.

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