Planning a Modern Garden to Enhance the Outdoor Area’s Appeal

Any home improvement project comprising interiors and exteriors can give you goosebumps merely for the level of complication and scale it involves. With this, the budget becomes another critical factor. Minor upgrades will be less demanding than extensive details in terms of the expenses. That’s why you have to determine your expectations beforehand. Everything else from the nature of renovation to design and budget will revolve around it, whether you choose a specific room, exteriors, or entire house. Starting with one corner can be less intimidating as you can expect it to get done quicker than an elaborate modification.

You can pick your kitchen, for instance. Cosmetic upgrades can happen quickly, such as switching to a contemporary black sink for your cooking area or getting new countertops and cabinets. But it would require 3 to 5 months if you opt for a complete refurbishment involving plumbing, electrical, and other works. So, what is it that you wish to renovate first? A private garden in the house can be a prized possession for any homeowner. Hence, it makes sense to invest in this a bit. But this project can ask for more time and attention based on your ambition. To understand what it can be like, you have to zero on its theme and purpose. These will lead you to other decisions. Here the focus is on modern garden ideas.

Garden design

When you start with a clear vision, your effort looks genuine. Whether you desire modern landscaping or something else, you have to pay attention to the overall property’s style and architecture to make it blend well. Otherwise, things can go awry. For example, your house has a Victorian terrace, while you choose a cheap paved design for the garden. The two will be at odds. That’s why having clarity is essential. Most modern layouts use geometric shapes to add sharpness and infuse textures and plants to remove a bit of edginess from them. You must have noticed examples where arches and pergolas steal the limelight.


Experts suggest limiting the choices to three landscaping materials at best. Timber, steel, and other such hard surfaces can be helpful. These can wear neutral shades with accents for a relaxed and minimalistic appearance. Make sure to emphasize quality more than the elements. It will naturally increase the appeal.

Boundaries or fences

You need to know who owns the boundaries. For confirmation, you can check ownership deeds or verify with the Land Register. Modifying a shared border will require prior permission of the other owner. Once you get the details, you can plan things around it. Modern settings look fantastic with willow screens and intricate panels. Suppose you cannot do anything with the boundary. In that case, you can use these features to hide the ordinary fence. Or, you can install a new wall in front of the older one to give your space a cohesive look.

If you wish to reduce your carbon footprint, you can go with eco-option such as a living screen of laurel or holly. Some screens offer excellent noise and pollution protection. Many people also grow fruit trees on walls or fences to maintain privacy.

Balanced design

Precise geometric designs can be the hallmark of modern gardens. You have to ensure that the tougher elements and plants mix well to create a beautiful outdoor ambiance. Would you mind keeping varying landscaping materials close to each other for a seamless view? In stones, porcelain has claimed the modern garden spaces by covering steps and planters gracefully. With this, the choice of lighting can add another definition to your garden. You can make lights the main highlight or let them mix with the background. For a calm or romantic vibe, fewer bright LEDs can be a good choice.

Decorative/ architectural features

One element that can elevate the true spirit of your garden is the water. The sound, flow, and tranquil nature can do their roles as per the surrounding mood. A contemporary garden can look excellent with raised pools and cascading water blades. Again, you have to select proper lighting for this to bring its appeal to the forefront. Likewise, you can incorporate an outdoor kitchen. But be sure about its location. You can decide this if you know what time of the day you will cook here. Generally, evening or daytime is most preferred. With this, you can estimate the impact of its position in terms of neighborhood, wind flow, etc.

If you are sure about including a kitchen, you may want to create the right design around it. For instance, you can add plants to mask this space while enhancing its charm.

Building permission

There can be fewer restrictions around it, but you have to determine what is permissible and what is not. You can plan things based on this and get approval. In most cases, you require prior permission for pergolas and deck pools. However, you may not have to worry about formal permission if your choices fall within the permitted development rights. You can think of adding a garden room, for example. However, projects like tree removal or installation of a structure can be subject to the local planning authority’s intervention.

Modern garden designs can be suitable for any size. You don’t need to feel bad if you can spare only a tiny part. Smaller spaces embrace these layouts even better. Along with lighting and flooring, the correct placement of different elements can give a sense of spaciousness. Although almost all contemporary styles are compatible with smaller gardens, it will be best to keep things simple for maximum impact. With large spaces, you can experiment freely. You can use a mix of features and highlights to make your private garden practical, versatile, and aesthetic. However, don’t forget to hire an experienced contractor for the job.

Gardens tend to be an extension of your house with a distinct personality. They need efficient handling to add value to your experience. When you work with trusted vendors, you can rest assured of getting the desired result.

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