Popular Door Styles: Pros and Cons

A door replacement might be so challenging to cause a headache for many Canadian homeowners when they dive into this process. And this is not because there is a lack of options and explanations, but vice versa – you are overloaded with choices. 

For this reason, we have contacted Ecoline, window and door installation experts, to ask them about the essentials regarding popular door types in Canada and make it easier for you to choose your best product. Interested? Keep reading.

Patio doors

These units, also known as sliding doors, offer you a modern and minimalist design that allows you to enjoy the great view outside, thanks to a huge glass area. They glide away to one side, which makes them an ideal choice for the rooms where your space is limited. 

Patio doors come with various materials and finishes to choose from to match and complement any home design. These units are ideally suited to modern, open-plan living spaces or when you need to position the furniture close to the doors, which is often considered in smaller spaces. Generally, patio doors have almost no drawbacks, but keep in mind that they are somewhat more expensive.


  • Match almost any home design
  • Very energy-efficient, so you cut down on your annual energy bills
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Can be used where the space is limited


  • The units can be quite pricey

French Doors

These doors are often favored by homeowners who strive to complement the traditional styles of their houses, but French doors also come with many colors and finish to satisfy any construction. 

French doors are an excellent way to get some beauty, style, and elegance to your home. That’s the reason they are prevalent these days. The doors are often used to make an impressive walkway out into the garden and simultaneously serve to bring the outside in by allowing a magnificent exterior look.


  • Gorgeous and best complement the traditional house design
  • Easy to operate
  • Cheaper than their counterparts


  • Less natural light coming in comparing to patio doors
  • These units require more space for operation and installation
  • Require more maintenance

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors provide you with an opportunity to open up a whole wall of your house literally. They glide on almost obscure tracks as they are installed into the floor and, when fully open, fold back on themselves like a concertina to minimize the break between the outside and the house. 

The doors have become extremely popular over the past few years in Canada, which is understandable. These units bring a sleek aesthetic, and you can not find a better way to make a seamless transition between your indoor and outside areas.


  • Super stylish and bring a unique architectural touch
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great ventilation and security
  • Bring much natural light to your space


  • More expensive compared to French and Patio doors
  • Include many frames
  • Require much expertise to be installed

Get the Right Installation

Choosing the suitable door style that matches your house design and your needs is just the first step. The key point here is the successful installation. You can select the best product, add-ons, colors and pay a lot, but if the installation is poor – all these will go for nothing. That is why it is highly recommended to avoid the DIY approach and hire window and door installation professionals. In this way, you can rest assured of getting a quick and correct installation that will make you happy with your new doors for many years to come. But before signing a contract with your local installer, make sure that:

  • Your door company has skilled installers and relevant projects in its portfolio. Go and check such sites as HomeStar to find out what other homeowners say about them.
  • Installers follow the CSA guidelines and your local building code to avoid any troubles with local law in the future.
  • You get the best warranty possible. Doors can also be accounted for with some issues, so make sure you are well covered for the next 20 years at least. In case of any troubles, your door company should come and fix them asap.
  • Your door company explains to you everything in detail regarding the best door types and frames for your house, how it will impact your energy bills and security and whether it matches your design. Ask as many questions as possible and try to get detailed answers. You want the job to be done correctly and once, right? 


Whether it is your first time shopping for new doors, or you are an experienced homeowner, you want to get the best units to complement your house look. That is why we recommend you go with the above-named popular door types. They guarantee to get your home a fresh touch and bring you joy for many years to come. With all the pros and cons described, be sure to choose what fits you best and hire a professional to install your new doors correctly.

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