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Barceló is not just any hotel chain. With almost 200 hotels globally, their portfolio is nothing short of impressive. Whether you’re chasing the hustle of urban life or dreaming of a peaceful beach retreat, Barceló has got you covered. Last year alone, holiday-goers bagged discounts of up to 55% with a handy promotional code. And with benefits like free cancellation and always the best price guarantee at, you know you’re in for a treat.

Revel in the Luxurious All-Inclusive of Mexico

Let’s be honest; who doesn’t dream of Mexico’s golden beaches and azure waters? Especially when coupled with 5-star, all-inclusive resorts. Here’s a little glimpse:

Barceló Maya Palace

Nestled in the heart of the Riviera Maya, the Barceló Maya Palace promises an opulent experience. This resort features pristine private beaches and gourmet restaurants, ensuring you are treated to the best of Mexican luxury. Indulge in their spa or simply lounge by the palm-lined pool, and you’ll understand why it’s called a palace.

Barceló Maya Colonial

A celebration of Mexico’s rich history and culture, Barceló Maya Colonial boasts traditional architecture infused with modern comforts. Families will relish the variety of activities on offer, from water sports to evening shows that resonate with Mexican folklore.

Barceló Maya Beach

Capturing the essence of beachside luxury, this resort is a true testament to tropical charm. Its location is unparalleled, with the azure Caribbean Sea as its backdrop. Beach aficionados will find solace in its warm sands and tranquil waters.

Barceló Maya Caribe

A Caribbean delight, Barceló Maya Caribe offers a fusion of vibrant tropical surroundings with the deep-rooted culture of the region. Whether you’re keen on exploring underwater treasures or simply wish to savor world-class cuisine, this resort has you covered.

Barceló Maya Tropical

Living up to its name, the resort immerses its guests in a lush tropical environment. It’s a haven for nature lovers, offering serene garden views, vibrant flora, and an ambiance that truly rejuvenates.

Barceló Maya Riviera – Adults only

An exclusive retreat, this adults-only resort ensures the utmost privacy and sophistication. Tailored for couples and singles seeking a peaceful getaway, its amenities range from private beaches to elite lounges. It’s luxury, uninterrupted.

Royal Hideaway Playacar – Adults only

Positioned on the pristine shores of Playa del Carmen, this resort is the epitome of seclusion. It’s an idyllic sanctuary for adults, featuring intimate dining experiences, holistic spa treatments, and private villas.

Occidental Cozumel

A gem on the island of Cozumel, this resort is a diver’s dream. Proximity to the world’s second-largest coral reef system promises unparalleled underwater adventures. Above water, it’s a landscape of serene beaches and lush foliage.

Occidental at Xcaret Destination

Merging with the adjacent Xcaret Park, this resort offers more than just a beach stay. Experience a delightful blend of nature, culture, and adventure, with a dash of luxury. It’s where the wild meets the refined.

Barceló Gran Faro Los Cabos

Overlooking the mesmerizing Sea of Cortez, this resort offers panoramic views unlike any other. With its tiered pools, al fresco dining options, and beachside cabanas, it’s a sun worshipper’s paradise.

Barceló Puerto Vallarta

Set against the majestic backdrop of the Sierra Madre Mountains, this resort is a blend of luxury and nature. Dive into its pristine waters, relish gourmet meals, or simply soak in the view from your suite balcony. Every moment here is a memory in the making.

Discover Tenerife’s Best with Barceló

Heading over to Europe? The Canary Islands are beckoning, and Tenerife, in particular, is a gem. Here’s what Barceló offers:

Barceló Santiago: Luxury Beyond Age

Perched at a unique vantage point, the adult-only Barceló Santiago offers breathtaking views of La Gomera. With its contemporary design, the resort is a masterclass in luxury. Here, the sound of the Atlantic waves lulls guests into a state of relaxation, only interrupted by the promise of exquisite dining and rejuvenating spa sessions.

Allegro Isora: Canary Charm

Famed for its expansive pools that mirror the azure of the ocean, Allegro Isora is a harmonious blend of modernity and Canarian essence. From family-friendly activities to its lush gardens, the resort promises an all-rounded experience of Tenerife’s splendors.

Barceló Tenerife: Island Elegance

Barceló Tenerife is not just a resort but a paradise where luxury meets natural beauty. Located amidst lush landscapes, it offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in local culture, indulge in gourmet experiences, or simply bask in the sun-kissed glory of its pristine beaches.

Royal Hideaway Corales Suites: Suite Dreams

This is where architectural genius meets natural beauty. Royal Hideaway Corales Suites, designed to resemble the shape of corals, provide a space where families can revel in spacious luxury while soaking up the Canarian sun and sea.

Royal Hideaway Corales Beach: Adult Indulgence

An adults-only haven, Royal Hideaway Corales Beach ensures an atmosphere of tranquillity and sophistication. Tailored for those in search of an exclusive and serene escape, it offers beachfront luxury, gourmet delights, and unmatched privacy.

Occidental Santa Cruz Contemporáneo: Urban Oasis

Nestled in Tenerife’s bustling capital, this resort is a fusion of urban chic and island vibes. Whether it’s business or pleasure, guests can retreat to their elegant rooms after a day in the city or take a plunge in the rooftop pool with the cityscape as their backdrop.

Barceló Tenerife Royal Level: Elevated Experiences

Reserved for those who crave an elevated holiday experience, Barceló Tenerife Royal Level offers unparalleled service, elite amenities, and views that stretch infinitely. It’s the crown jewel of Barceló’s offerings in Tenerife.

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