Power Tools For Every DIY Home Improvement Project

For many, home improvement tasks are the best DIY projects they can take up. However, owning the tools for a complete makeover can be financially draining for many. That being said, thankfully there are no more than a handful of tools that can fulfill all DIY home improvement needs.

Before we move to the tools, there’s something that you must know. Most of these tools run on electricity, and they might not be handy if there’s a blackout. So, to help curb such situations, you must also look for a generator for sale and keep it as a backup. After all, you wouldn’t want to be stranded in the middle of a board saw task.

Here’s the list of power tools that every DIY enthusiast must own.

1. A Mitre Saw

If you’re new to woodworking, this is probably the most helpful tool you’ll ever buy. A mitre saw can perform most of the tasks that a table saw can, and even more. The added benefit of buying a mitre saw is the improved precision it offers. For those of you, who do not know what a mitre saw is, it is a rotary cutter blade mounted on a swiveling handle that can move up, downright, and left.

2. Drill Machine

One of the handiest tools for piercing holes in almost every surface is a drill machine. Whether you’re drilling holes to join window frames or putting rails on a drawer, a drill machine can help with all. Typically, it can be used to drill holes as well as turn screws, by simply changing the bits on it. Now, for this tool, you can either choose a corded or a cordless model depending upon your budget.

Research the types of drill bits that you will need. There are also spotting drills and center drills which are a combination of drills and countersinks. Center drills are also good for starting holes and metals because they are shorter and sturdier. This makes them latch onto the target better when pushed against the metal. Spotting types are more slender and don’t have conical ends. It can be more precise when making a starting hole.

3. A Sawzall or a Reciprocating Saw

While a mitre saw is useful if you’re cutting pieces before they are installed, there might be instances when you need to cut wood or even metal sheets after they are installed. For instance, if you’re up to a DIY motorhome project, you probably cannot carve out windows and slots for roof exhaust using a mitre saw. In such cases, a Sawzall or a reciprocating saw can be your best buy.

4. Rotary Saw

A tool that can combine the benefits of a mitre and a Sawzall, yes you got that right! A rotary blade allows for effortless cutting while portability allows it to be used on almost any surface. Notably, a cordless rotary saw may be good for tasks where you do need not much power, but for all others, you might prefer buying a corded model.

5. A Jigsaw

A Sawzall or even a rotary saw is pretty good when it comes to sawing straight or slightly curved shapes. However, both of these tools may not be appreciable in cutting circular or curvaceous patterns. This is where you must invest in a jigsaw. Unlike its siblings, a jigsaw is more powerful and offers double the maneuverability. So, for all your creative patterning needs, a jigsaw is a must in your tool kit.

6. Sander

Cutting and sawing wood leave rough contours, which may protrude splinters. Well to smooth off the surfaces and contours, you’d need a sander. Once again you can invest in a cordless or a corded model as per your budget. Usually, a corded model is cheaper as compared to a cordless one.

7. Paint Gun

Unless you prefer raw and woody looks, you’d surely like to paint your wooden boards and panels. But are you sure you have the time to spare and spend days painting your walls and wooden panels? Opt for a paint gun, instead. The benefit- it reduces your time and gives an even finish to the product. Moreover, you can even use it to spray protective vinyl and other coats on your wooden surfaces, for an earthly tone.

8. Air Compressor

A paint gun needs high-pressure air to push the paint out of the nozzle. So, you may also need to invest in a good air compressor. Consider the tank capacity and the power of the motor which shall decide the longevity of your air compressor.

9. Nail Gun

Lastly, you may also wish to reduce your efforts in hammering nails. Thankfully, you already have most of the things that you need and all that’s left is to buy a hammering gun or a nail gun. It uses high-pressure compressed air and pushes the nails through even the toughest surfaces.

So, the next time you go out buying some tools, consider buying these if you wish to take up more DIY projects. These tools will surely help you cut on the efforts and create a beautiful product in the end.

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