Professional Teeth Whitening: A Brighter Smile Awaits

A bright white smile is aesthetic. What, if not a smile, is the best decoration for any image? But tooth enamel, unfortunately, loses its whiteness over time: coffee, smoking, black tea, ecology, the use of certain medications, genetics — a whole bunch of factors affect the fact that tooth enamel becomes yellow or gray. Professional teeth whitening in Brickell Dental Care helps to correct the situation and return the natural glow to your smile, giving you self-confidence, and you will no longer be ashamed to smile.

What is tooth enamel whitening?

Since enamel changes color due to the action of pigments, the bleaching process has the opposite effect: it breaks down and removes the pigments that caused the color change. Therefore, after the procedure, the smile becomes natural again. Various methods are used for this:

  1. Professional whitening in the dentist’s office. In this scenario, the doctor uses strong bleaches, such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Beforehand, the dentist conducts an examination and collects an anamnesis to understand whether this procedure will be safe for you. In particular, whether you are allergic to the ingredients of the whitening agent and whether your teeth are too sensitive. Gum disease can also be a contraindication to whitening. If the doctor discovers such problems, they first suggest treating the oral cavity and only then proceed to whitening.
  2. Kits prescribed by the doctor for home use. These are usually gels or strips that are applied to the teeth. Even such products help to remove natural stains, the gray shade of enamel, and whiten the smile by several tones. However, dentists warn: a preliminary consultation is necessary to ensure that you do not have contraindications to the active substances. Make an appointment with a doctor at the link and get professional teeth whitening in Brickell teeth whitening in Miami. This is the safest option because you combine the convenience of a home procedure with professional supervision.

Is professional whitening different from using whitening toothpaste?

Toothpaste with the appropriate effect works due to the content of abrasive particles that remove the top layer of tartar and brighten the smile. However, mechanical removal of stains can damage weak enamel, and the oxygen contained in such pastes weakens the enamel at the molecular level. Therefore, frequent or constant use of such pastes is not recommended. It’s a great method when you’re going on a date, but it’s best to get professional help for long-lasting results. In addition, it is also safer for your health.

How is the procedure in the clinic?

The doctor uses powerful medicines. Since they can irritate the gums, a special rubber dam is placed on the patient’s gums to protect them during the procedure. Whitening occurs in several stages. Each time, the solution remains on the teeth for 15 to 30 minutes. The number of doctor visits depends on the patient’s individual characteristics and wishes regarding the shade they want to get according to the dentists in Shrewsbury MA.

Is it worth it or not?

You can count on high-quality certified materials, individually selected treatment, and long-lasting effects by seeking professional dental care. So, if you have long dreamed of smiling and not being ashamed, it is time to make an appointment at the clinic.

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