Ralph Cirella Net Worth

Ralph Cirella net worth is $1 Million.

Ralph Cirella is a man of many hats and who has earned fame through his hard work. He is an incredible actor. In addition to that, he has worked in departments such as those of makeup, costume, and wardrobe. Cirella rose to fame as a result of portraying a character in Private Parts of 1997. His other significant appearances were in Alien Space Avenger as well as She’s Back. Those are just highlights. The details unveil below. Read on!

Ralph Cirella net worth

Early Life

Ralph Cirella was born in 1965 on 20th April. Though two worlds apart regarding how they have lived their lives, he happens to share a birthday with Adolf Hitler. His place of birth was New Jersey, America. What would one think of the childhood life of such a star? If you believe that it was a bed of roses, then you are in for a rude shock. For instance, his father was absent as soon as he was born. Surprisingly, Ralph turned out to be a great man. There is scanty information as far as his childhood is concerned.

In 1993, Ralph was a student at Pennsylvania State University.


In 1986 Ralph made a ‘talking penis.’ Its purpose was to crown a New Year’s Eve broadcast at the Felt Forum. Later, Howard TV hired him to be the personal stylist of Howard Stern. Before that, he worked at the same post for Stern’s E! Show.

However, his debut on-screen appearance was in 1990. Ralph was working for WWOR-TV’s The Howard Stern Show. He was in charge of make up, special effects as well as costumes.

As of 2006, Cirella was a host on a show in Howard 100 and Howard 101 radio stations. The name of the show was The Friday Show. His two colleagues were Gary Dell’ Abate as well as John Hein. His stay there was brief. As of now, the show no longer exists. In addition to that, he was once a host of Howard 101’s Geek Time Show.

Up to date, Cirella is the set designer of the famous Howard Stern’s show.

Ralph Cirella Net Worth

The net worth of Ralph Cirella is about $1 million. Cirella’s primary source of income is his work as Howard Stern’s show set designer. Cirella has also worked as a radio host as well as an actor. In addition to that, his work at the costume department and wardrobe department, have also significantly contributed to his current net worth.

The Ralph Hate Show

Personal Life

There is no information regarding the relationship of Ralph Cirella. Nevertheless, there are high chances that he is single. He is bisexual too. His first relationship was in 1975 with James T. Hanley. He was in a relationship with Sam Simon back in 2005. In 2009 he was romantically involved with Sara Switzer as well as Sandra Bernhard.


Apparently, Ralph Cirella is an outstanding television personality. He is an excellent actor and radio host. At first, he was a stylist of Howard Stern. Currently, he is a set designer for his show. Besides being the wardrobe consultant of Stern, he is also his friend. From his story, we learn that there is life after the absenteeism of your parent.

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