Remember the Old Antenna? 3 Major Reasons You Should Have a TV Antenna

Did your house have an old antenna sticking off the roof back in the day? Well, get set for them to make a come back.

New TV antennas are so much better than the old ones but they do much the same job. If you’re cutting the cord on cable or satellite there’s a good chance you’re going to stick an antenna on your house once more.

Read on to find out the top 3 reasons you should have an antenna.

  1. Access to Network Channels for Free

The biggest, best, and most obvious reason that the old antenna has made such a comeback is that it is a free way to get local TV. Local network channels are available through an antenna without a monthly charge. This means you can watch PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox through your antenna.

It’s important to note that access to the local channels depends on where you live. If you’re in a rural area you might not get all 5 local networks through an antenna. You should still be able to get at least 1 or 2, though.

For people who want to cut the cable or satellite cord, installing a new version of the old antenna is a really smart thing to do. When you cut the cord and move to a streaming service, it can be hard to access local channels. If you can find them through a streaming service, that service can often be expensive.

  1. Weather Proof

If you have satellite TV, there is a good chance you’ve lost signal during inclement weather. Right in the middle of the big game, the satellite provider informs you that the little storm outside means you can’t see your favorite team come back to win.

If your cable provider’s network gets knocked out because of a storm, you’ll lose your picture, too.

The old antenna is pretty much weatherproof. You still get your local channels during a storm. This is especially important because the local channels will keep you informed about the storm and alert you if things get really bad.

  1. High-Quality Picture

Another surprising thing about opting to install a new version of the old antenna is the picture quality. An antenna offers uncompressed HD. This means you will get even better picture quality than you do with most cable or satellite services.

Cable and satellite feeds charge more for high definition. But your free antenna service has the best HD picture without extra cost. So your network channels will be crystal clear.

If you want a great picture on local networks for free its time to say, install my antenna.

An Old Antenna Is New Again

As you can see installing an old antenna comes with a lot of benefits. When you cut the cord and move to a streaming service, you will still want network channels. Installing an antenna will save you money on those channels.

You get all the local networks. You won’t miss out on your favorite shows because of the weather. You get a top-quality picture, too.

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