Removing Oil & Grease Stains From Your Favourite Attire Easily

Nothing is more annoying than having grease and oil stains on your clothes. And it happens so innocently. Accidents may happen, but this does not need you to throw away your favorite clothes. Don’t freak out if you see oil marks on your clothes. You may make your clothing seem clean and brand-new by removing ugly grease stains with various ordinary household products. Follow the simple instructions below for removing oil & grease stains.

Laundry Ways to Remove Oil & Grease Stains:

Shampoo or Dish Detergent or Bar Soap

As per stain remover, laundry shampoo should be used the same way it removes oil from the body for the best results. Over the oil or grease stain, use detergent. Detergent that removes grease is not necessary. You can also use bar soap and hand soap (avoid adding extras like flowers or natural ingredients), or look for very tough grease bars marked “laundry soap.”

Rub the bar onto the stain until there is more foam, then wet the area with water. Make sure to dilute colored detergent if you use it; otherwise, the detergent may leave a stain on the fabric.

Use an old toothbrush for removing oil & grease stains for best results. For cleaning, you may also use any old foot brushes, nail brushes, or little scrub brushes you have around the house.

Use soap, shampoo, or detergent to create a thick lather on the stain. Since dishwashing liquids, shampoos, and laundry bar soaps all include particular grease-fighting ingredients, the stain should start to fade.


Use water to wash the stain away. You may also use vinegar, a natural cleaner with various applications. However, it works differently from soaps or detergents, which reduces its effectiveness. Therefore, stop mixing any vinegar with detergents or soaps. Instead, you can soak the cloth in a solution made of one part vinegar and two parts water, wash the vinegar out, and then continue as usual.

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Wash the cloth only using laundry detergent

Dry the fabric by air-drying since using a dryer that is too hot can cause any leftover oil or grease to attach to the material firmly. It’s essential to follow the washing instructions listed on the garment label. Repeat the above steps until the grease or oil stain is completely gone if it is still visible.

Baking Soda

Try baking soda if Clear doesn’t work. Baking soda works well to remove tough stains and absorb extra oil. First, the stain may be scrubbed using a toothbrush. Then, add baking soda to the stain as a whole. As long as you can, let the baking soda rest.

Using the toothbrush once again, scrub the baking soda. Shake off any remaining baking soda. If the stain remains, add additional baking soda or create a spray bottle mixed with equal parts water and white vinegar. Spray the vinegar mixture on the stain. Apply it by brushing it in. Use the towel to clean. Keep repeating until all of the stains have been removed.


If you have a little stain or can’t remove your clothes right away, you might choose to try chalk as a quick DIY solution. Chalk is simple to work with and works well to remove oil stains. Do not forget to use white chalk.

For this natural grease removal technique, you’ll need:

  • Apply the chalk generously to the stain.
  • Let it remain for at least five to ten minutes to let the chalk absorb the stain entirely.
  • Repeat if the first try is unsuccessful.
  • Wash the item as usual.


Use dishwashing liquid, aloe vera, or even hairspray for the best results. Just keep in mind to follow the directions above. If you keep in mind these stain-removing tips, you’ll be ready the next time you go on a date, to a party, or to that special occasion. So if you cannot remove oil & grease stains, go to Hello Laundry, a prominent laundromat near me and dry cleaner in London that provides the best cleaning service.

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