Rest Vs. Sleep: Are You Sleeping or Just Quietly Wakeful?

Did you know that 45% of Americans say that poor sleep has somehow impacted their daily life within the last 7 days?

There are discussions that say that regeneration or restoration rooms can be as beneficial for resting as opposed to a proper sleep or nap. Some say that quiet wakefulness can have the same regenerative qualities as sleep itself, in some cases, that it can even replace sleep effectively.

So, what’s the difference between rest vs. sleep?

What Exactly Is Quiet Wakefulness?

Although it’s quite a mouthful, quiet wakefulness can be easily explained:

Simply putting yourself into a restful position such as lying down or any other relaxed position, shutting your eyes, and clearing your mind to be unoccupied. 

The idea behind quiet wakefulness is that you create an atmosphere and position where your physical body is able to rest through little or no movement. If your mind doesn’t have to think about more than maintaining a relaxed position, then you’re achieving quiet wakefulness.

It’s said that quiet wakefulness can help with stress and mood management, and also encourage positive levels of productivity and higher clarity when thinking.

Rest vs. Sleep: The Main Differences 

There’s no secret that when waking from a really good night’s sleep, we feel energized, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. Is it possible to get the same feeling from rest?

One of the biggest benefits of rest vs. sleep is the fact that you may not be able to control your sleep patterns such as being able to fall asleep quickly, how long you can stay asleep for, and more. But, you can control how long you’re able to rest.

Another difference? Quiet wakefulness doesn’t leave you with the grogginess you might feel after a long nap or a full night’s sleep.

Sleep Is Still Supreme 

Some scientists are adamant that sleep is still the better option when it comes to total regenerative benefits.

Sleep is required for the repairing of cells within the body, which ultimately can’t be done through quiet wakefulness.

If you need assistance sleeping, there are supplements and other things that can be taken or done in order to ensure that you can achieve a truly satisfying nap. Like this SugarBearHair sleep vitamins review, make sure that you read up on products and their viability.

Change the Way You Think 

Many people simply don’t sleep well because of the pressure they put on themselves around the idea of sleep.

Going to bed to rest is also okay, and will give you the short term benefits that quiet wakefulness does. So don’t pressure yourself into thinking that your health will deteriorate or you’ll suffer if you take longer to fall asleep, or you opt for rest instead.

At the End of the Day: Sleep 

When thinking of rest vs. sleep, it’s important to remember the differences between the two.

But at the end of the day, when the night comes, sleep is the better option for regenerative and restorative activities to take place.  Focus instead on quiet wakefulness and rest for day time use, and do what you can to get a good sleep at night.

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