Salesforce Tool for Automation Testing

Marketing, sales, and customer support are critical elements for any business to succeed. CRM is one of the best ways to deal with scenarios of business. Salesforce is one of the well-known platforms for CRM. Salesforce features are broken into three main heads: sales, marketing, and customer support. Salesforce automation test helps to ensure that it is aligned with your business objectives.

In this blog post, we will make you understand the reasons for not choosing an open-source tool and some ways to choose the salesforce automation tool.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a popular CRM system used by more than 150K customers. Continuous innovation is one of the primary reasons for the success of Salesforce. There are many benefits of Salesforce, and customers enjoy the functionalities and new features added to Salesforce with each release. Still, testing is one of the significant and critical aspects to ensure that any application modification or integration may not alter or break the new internal release. Salesforce automation test is one of the best ways to test applications faster.

Salesforce application testing is the biggest constriction for organizations that put a lot of effort into making the most of Salesforce applications. The tools like selenium are not explicitly built for Salesforce, thus they often create a considerable burden when used for testing.

Reasons Why Test Automation is Not Viable Through Open-Source Tools

  • Firstly, Salesforce is a dynamic application that comprises features like objects and embedded frames. The tools, such as cypress, Selenium, and Puppeteer, do not support frames and dynamic tables, which creates a problem in Salesforce automation test. The frames and dynamic tables are not supported natively, and technical teams have to spend much time in order to create complex scripts.
  • With the presence of tables and dynamic elements in Salesforce pages, the change in ID takes place frequently, which breaks the existing scripts. Whenever any update takes place, or the user interface gets changed by the instigation of buttons or new screens, then the test automation scripts get ruptured. The rupture scripts are time-consuming and hence costly to fix.
  • Undoubtedly, Salesforce is a user-friendly platform. But most of the Salesforce automation test platforms are not that much user-friendly. There are some popular platforms for Salesforce test automation, but they need programming to build the test cases. Most of the users in business are not programmers, so it is not easy for them to manage Salesforce automation. If in case, they want to manage, it takes them a long time to get that speed.

How to Choose a Salesforce Application Testing Tool?

From a technical point of view, test automation on a code basis is not optimal because it widens the scope of the test case and results in a huge maintenance burden. Try to look for a Salesforce application testing tool that simplifies testing rather than building a hefty burden on business users and QA teams. Some of the features you can look for in the Salesforce automation test tool.

Low Learning Curve

Check out the platform that comprises a no-code Salesforce automation platform, as it needs less training to get started. Ideally, a tool like this will be no-code in nature and also authorize non-technical users to build and scale automation via record and playback and drag-and-drop features.

Self-Sustaining Test Scripts

Select a Salesforce application testing tool that lessens the burden of test maintenance. When any change takes place, for instance, the change in an object property, such as ID, name, Xpath, or CSS, the self-healing test automation technologies can affix ruptured or broken test cases without human interruption. All this will help to save the many hours of maintenance of tests.

Smart Device Identification

Some organizations use classic and lightning versions of Salesforce. So, it is better to choose a test automation tool that supports advanced optical character recognition and machine learning techniques to recognize objects.


Test automation is the need of the hour for the perfect delivery of products and services. Salesforce is well-known for its CRM, but the problem arises when any update or modification occurs regarding data mapping and auto ID creation. Opkey is a well-known Salesforce automation test platform. To learn more about automation testing and related tools, you can visit the website of Opkey.

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