Sean Rad Net Worth

Sean Rad Net Worth and Biography

Sean Rad is a twenty nine years old man who is famous for his dating app. He is the chief executive and co-founder of Tinder. Tinder is not only a media of communication but also the hottest app in the earth. One can find friend and meet or date other of the world. The authority believes that about twenty billion people match to date with the help of Tinder.

Sean Rad Net Worth

Sean Rad Net Worth

Net worth of Sean Rad is around US 1.1 billion dollars.

Rad’s works life

Rad hometown is Beverly, California. Though now he is living in Los Angeles. He is a serial planner. Even he began two companies before Tinder. He studied business in USC for two years and he wanted to do his own business. He founded Adly (2012-2016) and Orgoo Inc (2005-2008). Orgoo was an email service and Adly was a marketing company. Fortunately, he received better from adly but he sold this company.

Rad was an employee of Hatch labs which was stand in New York City. For that he doesn’t maintain the Tinder. Basically Hatch Labs creates the fledgling dating app and Rad was busy with this project. Hitherwards, a media company IAC was a part of Hatch labs.

Sean Rad worked with Jonathan Badeen, Whitney Wolfe, Justin Mateen, Chris Gylczynski, and Joe Munoz as a co-founder.  It has never been so simple to work with them.

 His Romantically Life  

Sean Rad is probably the romantic one ever but now he is single. Even once a former employee accuses him of sexual harassment. Because of which he removed from CEO. A billionaire Michael Dells daughter Alexa Dell and Sean Rad has been romantically related together and they met on Tinder. At that time, Alexa Dell was 20 years old and Sean Rad was 27 years old.  They have no secret about their relation. In last spring Rad said to that he had a girlfriend and Jusin was single then.

Personal and Family News

In 1970, Rad’s parents emigrants to the U.S from Iran. Rad’s Grandfather founded an electronic business in Bel Air and they maintained their family with the help of this. Rad has forty-two cousins. Rad studied a private L.A. high school. He studied from University of southern California.

Quick View on Sean Rad

Full Name: Sean Rad

Business: Co-founder of Tinder

Sean Rad Net Worth: $1.1 billion dollar

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