Services You Can Expect From Syracuse Cancer Law Firms

On one side, the city of Syracuse is working hard toward keeping its people safe by organizing regular COVID-19 vaccination drives. On the other side, hundreds of people are misdiagnosed with cancer in the city. Syracuse cancer law firms have more clients than ever, with about 10% of diagnoses are incorrect

Misdiagnosis can be late detection, reporting the wrong type of cancer, or completely missing it and reporting a different disease instead. With many dimensions to the problem, the state of New York has reviewed its statute of limitation for such cases to 2.5 years. 

If you are a victim of such a misdiagnosis, here are the services you can expect from your lawyers. 

Is There a Valid Claim?

While the law is on the side of victims of medical malpractice, there are instances when there is no case at all. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have your lawyers confirm that you have a case. Most lawyers offer a free consultation to confirm if there is a valid claim. Once you know there is, you can retain them for further filing. 


The first step your lawyers will take is to investigate your medical records, collect statements, and consult cancer specialists to ensure a misdiagnosis. Law firms usually have a variety of medical specialists on retainer to advise on such cases. They also have lawyers who are well-versed in medical terminology to read your reports and make sense of it. 

Timing is Crucial

The state of New York has a statute of limitation of 30 months for a cancer misdiagnosis case. This means you probably have already started treatment before you suspect a misdiagnosis. Once you become suspicious, do not delay further. Contact reputed Syracuse cancer law firms immediately. The faster you know that there is a case, the quicker you can get it over with.

File Your Claim

You have already been through enough with a misdiagnosis. You are probably under a lot of stress and pain due to the lack of treatment or incorrect treatment. So, let your lawyers do the legwork for you while you work on your recovery. Your lawyers will take over and file the claim on your behalf.

Keep Your Options Open

Medical professionals would prefer to settle out of court. Therefore, if your doctor is ready to settle rather than go to trial, your attorneys may advise you to settle. They will negotiate with the medical practitioner and get you the best possible compensation. This saves you the trouble of going to a lengthy trial. 

Go to Trial

If the settlement offered is not up to the mark or the medical professional refuses to settle, your lawyers will trial. They will present a solid case before a judge and request that the best settlement amount is granted to compensate for the emotional and physical trauma that you underwent due to the misdiagnosis. 

Plaintiffs have been known to receive millions in compensation, depending on the severity of their misdiagnosis. 

As you have read so far, medical practitioners can no longer get away with any wrongdoing. You can rest assured that Syracuse cancer law firms are on your side to ensure that you are well compensated for your grief.

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