Sidney Hicks Net Worth

Sidney Hicks net worth is $250,000.

Sidney Hicks is an eminent actor and a producer who is renowned for his work in Phat Girz (2006), Blackbird (2014), and The Five (2018). He started his career in the Hollywood with the TV series The Parkers. This TV series, aired on 2000, served as the stepping stone for Hicks in the Hollywood Industry. It was also the first time Hicks got to work with his future wife Mo’Nique (Monique Angela Hicks)

Sidney Hicks net worth

Major Movies of Hicks

Hicks’ breakthrough in Hollywood came with the movie Phat Girlz, released April 7, 2006. Here he played the role of Mr. Jungle Fever. It was a story of two large women who wished to create their mark in the fashion industry. It was the first successful movie of Hicks, and it made $3 million which was the production budget in the first week of its release. Another significant work of Hicks was Steppin: The MovieThe film released on August 11, 2009, and Hicks played the role of an officer.

Hicks’ Contribution as Producer

Hicks started his work as a producer with the TV series The Mo’Nique Showwhich was aired on the television during 2009. After this he has worked in Blackbird (2014), Interwoven (2016), and the very recent The Five (2018). In all these ventures he has worked as an executive producer. Hicks’ was also the writer of the short story, ‘The Five.’

Sidney Hicks Net Worth

According to reliable sources, Hicks’ net worth is valued at $250,000.

Marriage with Monique

On May 20, 2006, Sidney Hicks married her longtime girlfriend and the mother of her twins Mo’Nique (Monique Angela Hicks). Hicks and Mo’Nique have met during high school, and they have paired up in multiple numbers of projects in Hollywood. Mo’Nique is a famous American Comedian, who has earned the name the “Queens of Comedy.” She has bagged the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film Precious. They have twin sons, Jonathan and David Hicks, born in October 2005.

Monique net worth is $13 million dollars.

So, this was all about the famous actor and eminent producer Sidney Hicks.

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