Six Harmless Pranks You Can Do With Your Mobile Phone

The advancement of technology has made our lives easier, providing us practical uses in our daily living, or even doing the work for us. But other than that, we cannot deny that the emergence of technology also has the capability to bring fun to our lives. We usually use our gadgets for entertainment like scrolling through various social media platforms, listening to music, watching movies, and all. But when it comes to fun, we cannot just forget having fun things to do with friends, especially with pranks.

Pranks are one way people use to make fun or have a good laugh with each other. Other than simply talking and chatting with people, for quite some time it is good to have a hilarious experience with your friends through pranks.

Pranks with the advancement of technology have continued to evolve, having more forms, especially with the use of our phones. With that being said, here is a list of harmless pranks that you can do with your friends or family using your phone.

5 Pranks You Can Do With Phone

1. Prank Calls

You may be already familiar with these, but prank calls are phone calls intended by the caller to appear as a practical joke to toy with the person answering the call. People use to prank someone by pretending they are someone else and then create a random scenario with the person answering. However, with continuous innovation, several prank call apps are already created for people who like to prank. These apps use advanced technology to make everything seem believable. In that way, you won’t need to buy burner phones and extra sim cards to execute your harmless phone prank.

2. Song Lyrics Prank

Another harmless way to prank your family and friends through the phone is with the use of song lyrics. All you have to do is to text someone with a short lyric of your favorite song and make them wonder what is going on with you. Prepare your favorite heartbreak songs or any song that would make them confused about what you were thinking. Continue to reply to your family or friend until he figures out that you were just trolling with them. This prank won’t work too fast, get your patience on, reply to some good lyrics and then get a good laugh while they are confused!

3. Changing Contact Names

This prank is one of the classic pranks ever known but never fails. If you are pranking someone with a faint heart, do not do this prank with them, but if you are brave enough, then proceed with changing the contact names of your friends and make your partner panic. All you have to do is to rename your contacts and make it seem like you are having an affair with another person. Do not try to make it so obvious so that you won’t be caught!

Another contact name prank is by swapping the contact names of your phone’s friend. All you have to do is to interchange two contact names and watch your friend mess up with the messages that he/she is sending!

4. Airdrop Prank

This prank can only be conducted with the use of an iPhone. Basically, all you have to do is to send your friend or family or even strangers a random funny photo out of nowhere and make them confused for a short period. With the right image, you can make this harmless prank work so well so you might want to try sending them a picture of a ghost, a funny meme, or a meme that reminds them of an inside joke. Additional reminder, do not send random strangers inappropriate photos if you want to spare yourself from embarrassment or anything bad.

5. Slower Phone Prank

This time, this prank is for our Android users. All you have to do is to go to your friend’s phone and then proceed to their settings and change their developer options and you can see the animation speed section. Set the option to the slowest possible speed and you’re done! Once your friend opens your phone, it is for sure that they will be annoyed with how slow their phone is functioning. Once the prank is done, do not forget to revert the settings.

6. Silent Text Prank

For the last prank idea, you have to go to your friend or family’s messaging app. What you need to do is to open their messages and text someone close to your friend and leave them a message that will leave them intrigued. You may text messages such as:

> “I have something to tell you…”

> “I did something bad and I don’t know what to do.”

> “I think I messed up”

Once you have come up with a good message that will make them confused, do not forget to send the message and then leave their phone on silent and leave it somewhere your friend can’t notice.

So there we have it! Six harmless and foolproof pranks you can do with your friends or family using mobile phones! Make sure to have a good laugh and of course, an enjoyable time with your loved ones.

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