Statler Brothers Net Worth

Statler Brothers net worth is around $24.7 million.

The reality that the Statler Brothers is no more bring sadness to many music lovers. The Statler Brothers was an American group that was outstanding in vocal, gospel as well as country music. Its formation took place in 1955. It had four members. The founding members included Don Reid, Harold Reid, Phil Balsley and last but not least Lew DeWitt. The two brothers, Don and Harold, sang lead and bass, respectively. On the other hand, Phil sang baritone. Lew sang tenor until 1983. That was because of his health issues that led to his death in 1990. His replacement was Jimmy Fortune. Keep reading to learn the career, organization, achievements and net worth of the Statler brothers.

Statler Brothers net worth


There was a time when Joe McDorman was the lead singer. However, at that time, the name was not the Statler brothers. In 1955, the band started using that name. For five years, the members were Harold, Phil, and Lew. They were a church trio based in Staunton. Five years after the formation, Don Reid joined them.

Between 1963 and 1971, they worked together with Johnny Cash. During that period, they also signed with Columbia Records in 1964. Five years later, they signed with Mercury Records. Throughout their career, they have recorded many hits. They include Flowers on the Wall, Bed of Roses; I Go to My Grave Loving You, Carry Me Back and Do You Remember These among others.

After the departure of Lew Dewitt, they released an album, Today. One of its hit songs was Elizabeth. Atlanta Blue and Pardners in Rhyme followed that. Each of the two LPs had a number one hit. They are My Only Love as well as Too Much on My Heart, respectively.

They announced their retirement in 2002. The group’s last performance was on 26th October of the same year.

Statler Brothers Net Worth

It is more than a decade since the disbandment of the group. That makes it hard to identify the net worth of the Statler Brothers. However, Don Reid net worth is about $23 million. Despite retiring from music, he continues is usually invited to forums to speak. On the other hand, Harold Reid net worth is about $1.7 million. He has been battling cancer which explains the low figure. Phil Balsley net worth is around $900 thousand. On the other hand, Jimmy Fortune has a net worth of $13 million. By the time of his death, Lil DeWitt net worth was $1.1 million. That is the best way to explain Statler Brothers net worth.

Awards of Statler Brothers

Due to the outstanding performances, the Statler Brothers had earned 3 Grammy Awards, 3 American Music Awards, 9 Country Music Association Awards and 3 Academy of Country Music Awards. It was also inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum as well as Gospel Hall of Fame in 2008 and 2007, respectively.


The Statler Brothers is an award-winning group that entertained people with entertaining music between 1955 and 2002. Their reign will always be remembered no doubt. That explains why almost two decades after their retirements, the Statler Brothers remain memorable.

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