Stigma And Discrimination Around Mental Health: What You Should Know

The world’s negligence towards mental health can be well explained with one question. 

Did you know when psychology emerged as a study? 

The late 19th century. 1979 to be exact. So, apparently, before that, no one needed to go to the psychologist. Or maybe the insane suffering from mental problems was still prevailing, but with the ’embarrassing’ stigmas attached to it, no one thought of ever diving too deep into the problem. 

Good thing we live in a better world right now? Right? 

But wait, do we? 

Doesn’t mental health have the same stigmas and discriminations latched onto it to such a degree that people are ashamed to talk about it even today? So why is this still acceptable? 

Worrying about our mental fitness is equally important as our physical one. And, the next time when people tell you that no one is dying from mental health, show then the suicide rate. 

Stigma And Discrimination Around Mental Health

It’s high time we debunk some of the popular mental health stigmas, give people the platform to come out and share their stories. 

‘You Cannot Help Someone Suffering From A Mental Health Issue Unless You Are Professional’ 

There is a stigma of the challenge when it comes to assisting people in something as minimum as speaking out. 

‘They will just say they are fine, what can we do after that?’ 

You do not have to understand the in-depth concept of what they are suffering from. But, with the magic of normal human instinct, please approach that person and talk to them if you sense something. If it is your partner suffering and is having trouble opening up, couple therapy is crucial. You can find more details for a healthy relationship therapy session on

If they have a reluctance to share, assure them of your presence and support. Let them know that you will be there whenever they feel comfortable with sharing. Suicides rates increase when people suffering from a mental health disease get this heart-clenching feeling of being absolutely forlorn. 

This is something we need to change. 

‘They Probably Are Just Sad’ 

This is one of the biggest stigmas about depression which requires debunking like right now. The worst fear of someone suffering from depression is not being taken seriously. Instead, they get anxious to talk about it because their serious condition has been disregarded and simple sadness for quite some time. 

When someone is going through this metaphorical equivalency of hell, it is very important to note that their body language, eating habits, and communication styles will change. Plus, they are likely to continue for a long period of time. 

Therefore, it is pretty much distinguishable from normal sadness. So, if you are someone who cannot comprehend the intensity of depression, it is better to ask for medical help rather than make assumptions about it. 

‘People With A Mental Health Disorder Are Highly Incompetent Of Doing Anything’

The main reason for office discrimination. These stigmas are almost imbibed in institutional laws, which is the cause of several unemployment and loss of jobs. 

This is injustice personified! 

Even medical professionals have said that people with mental health issues can work efficiently in their field without any disturbance. All they request is for a little consideration and understanding. 

Anne Hathway’s character in the series ‘Modern Love’ executes the idea of a lawyer working with Bipolar disorder with perfection. 

The pitfalls and the highs, and most importantly, how everything can be managed if your boss is slightly understanding towards your condition and doesn’t judge your competence. 

‘Mental Health Care Is Not As Important As Physical Health Care’

This is probably the biggest stigma there ever could be about mental health conditions. People suffering from any mental health, are disregarded and borderline insulted with words like ‘lunatic,’ ‘retarded’, etc. People even fail to understand that every person is exposed to external factors that can affect them internally. 

Like any other doctor checkup, a mental checkup should be mandatory in all places. Just like you shouldn’t miss out on going to a doctor for your regular checkup, your mind also needs attention. For your mental check-up, you can contact a psychologist with an online counseling psychology degree from

Final Notes 

No matter what element caused the mental problem, these stigmas can pose to be extremely harmful because they also add to the adversity. At times, these discriminations can even make things worse. 

Hence, it is a request that we all move above these societal stigmas and follow the path of non-judgemental comprehension when it comes to dealing with mental health conditions.

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