Tailor-made English lessons with ESL Lesson Plans

If you use our lesson plans, you will no longer spend hours on arduous lesson planning. Anyone who has ever worked as a teacher, lecturer, or tutor knows well that preparing a lesson takes several hours because it requires thorough research, selection of materials, and presentation of these materials in an appropriate form.

No wonder, adult learners are usually very demanding! This is something that can’t be changed, but as a teacher or tutor, you can influence the way you work to make it easier and faster. You can do this thanks to the ready-made lesson templates, i.e. ESL Lesson Plans!

Templates unlike any other

The word template is usually negatively associated with a ready-made study, i.e. something not for every learner, something clichéd and boring, and therefore, in practice, ineffective in teaching. And every tutor knows that the basis of a well-prepared lesson is individualism, i.e. tailoring the lessons to specific requirements. This is not the case with our lesson plan because, first and foremost, there is a huge variety of materials, which means that you can find a variety of topics, lesson lengths, and levels. Everything is at your fingertips! Such a wide selection will allow you to choose the right lesson plan and adapt it to the needs of your learners or participants of your course. The diverse range of topics will allow you to choose a topic that is perfect for both humanists and scientists, as well as for those who like all kinds of casual conversations about leisure activities or are passionate about news from the world of film. To sum up, there is something for everyone! Another determinant that makes the choice easier should be the choice of the right proficiency level. You can choose from:● A2 (Pre-Intermediate)● B1 (Intermediate)● B2 (Upper-Intermediate)● C1 (Advanced)● C2 (Proficiency)Choosing the right level allows you to tailor the material to the needs of your learners, regardless of their proficiency level. In addition, you can choose the duration of the lessons.

Interesting and interactive lessons

ESL Lesson Plans will keep the learner interested for a long time. This is all thanks to the attractive form of content presentation that we have taken care of. What’s more, we have adapted all the content to an interactive form of conducting lessons, so you will find, for example, slides in the plans. All materials are diversified, which means that they consist not only of text but also graphics and charts. All this makes it easier to conduct lessons because it makes the material more interesting and easier to remember for adult learners. This is very important because in this age group, frequent decreases in motivation can be observed, and the lack of time due to professional duties does not help to prevent this. Adults have much less time than children. In conclusion, so many different advantages of this solution will make you like conducting lessons with ready-made plans from English4tutors and provide your learners with well-balanced and timed lessons.

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