The Basics of Business: How to Create Better Customer Interactions

Customer interactions can include everything from a simple phone call to social media interaction. The way you communicate with your customers will set the tone and voice of your brand and how customers should perceive you. You need to stay consistent between channels and make sure you’re communicating effectively on all channels.

Here is how to have the best customer interactions possible.

Keep Your Voice Consistent and Genuine

In today’s world of technology, you’re going to have multiple platforms to be contacted by customers. This can mean social media, emails, customer service lines, and marketing campaigns. Each of which you need to keep your voice and brand consistent.

Be genuine with your customers, but make sure that every employee that is in contact with customers knows how to represent the brand. Make sure that a comment on a post is something that they would say when sending an email.

Check out these examples of a script for when people call your customer service line.

Be Transparent

When interacting with customers that have had a bad experience, be sure to be transparent with them. Let them know that a mistake has happened and that you’re going to do everything in your power to fix it.

It shows that you care more about the customer and how they perceive you than the cost of the service or product. Customers appreciate it when a company owns up to a mistake and makes a promise to be better.

Don’t Shy Away From Surprises

Surprises can go a long way when it comes to keeping your customers happy. This can as simple as a thank you card after you’ve closed a sale, or as elaborate as a gift.

These surprises show that you care and are thankful for them being your customers, rather than just expecting them to spend their money on your business. This creates an emotional connection with your brand, as they’ll remember that you took time to thank them, even when you didn’t need to.

Ask for Feedback

Even if the company is receiving positive reviews, always be sure to ask for all feedback. If the entire customer interaction except for one part was negative, that one negative aspect could hurt the chances of them returning.

You have multiple ways to ask for feedback. You can follow up with them after a few days to ensure that everything is going okay. Or you can send out an email that contains a survey.

Use These Customer Interactions to Keep Them Coming Back

Customer interactions can make or break a company, so be sure to keep them as positive as possible. Focus on every type of customer, whether they’re a new one or a customer you’ve been servicing for years. Your customers will thank you for continuing to come back.

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