The Best Generators of 2021

Do you live in a region that is always having power outages? Maybe you like to go camping and need a little power to charge your devices.

Whatever the reason, sometimes a portable generator can come in handy. There’s nothing worse than the power going down in a storm and you have to sit around in the dark without heating or cooling!

With that in mind, we thought a handy guide to some of the best generators new on the market in 2021 would be valuable. So, read on to see which portable generators made our list.

Cummins ONAN P4500I

Quiet and compact, this portable unit is on our list of best generators because it does just what you need from a portable generator. With a wattage of 3700 and a starting blast of 4500 watts, you should have enough power for most portable needs.

It’s perfect for RV users and campers. It will work well at a tailgate. And it suits homeowners in a blackout situation.

The gas engine only produces 52 decibels. That is about the same as a normal conversation in the home! The 3.4-gallon tank provides eighteen hours of operation.

If you find that a portable generator like this Cummins doesn’t give you enough power consider having someone do a generator installation for you, instead.

Briggs and Stratton 3500W

The Briggs and Stratton 3500W portable generator makes it onto our list of best generators as an all-around solid unit. This is another portable generator that works best for outdoor adventures. It will also provide emergency backup at home when you need it.

It’s louder than the Cummins with a decibel range between 73 and 90. That’s still pretty reasonable but you wouldn’t want to run it inside for long periods. It’s a little heavier than some of its competition and about 120 lbs.

The 4-gallon tank is plenty big enough to keep it running for a long time. The gas engine provides 3500 watts of running power. It kicks things off with 4775 watts of starting power.

Champion 3500 Watt

In this 3500 Watt Portable unit, Champion has produced a smaller, lighter, quieter portable generator than its previous year models. But it hasn’t given up too much in the way of power.

This entry on the list of best generators gives you 3500 watts of running power. To start things off, you’ll get 4000 watts. That amount of power makes it ideal for handling power outages or taking with you when you go camping.

The generator has an economy mode. This allows you to run your generator for 17 hours.

Honda EU 2200IC Companion

This is one of the best generators on the market in 2021 because it is lightweight and portable. It is also quiet. That makes it perfect for camping adventures and outdoor gatherings.

Weighing just 46.5 lbs, hauling the Honda EU2200IC Companion is about as easy as it gets. It only has a small 1-gallon gas tank, though, so it isn’t designed to run for long amounts of time without regular refills.

It produces 1800 watts of running power and 2200 watts of starting juice. So, it’s not as strong as some of its competition. But, again, this is a unit with enough guts to run your camping equipment quite happily.

It produces between 60 and 80 decibels of noise. That means it works well where you aren’t allowed to have loud generators running.

The Best Generators Will See You Through When You Really Need Them

As you can see from this list of best generators, there is a portable unit new for 2021 that will suit your needs. Whether you want quiet and long-running or you need a little more power, one of these generators will do the trick.

When making your choice think about how you will use the generator most often. Will you be lifting it on your own and need it to be light? Does the place you will use it have noise limits and you need a quiet one?

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