The Best Places to Live and Work in Australia

If you are planning a move to Australia, it is best you have an idea of the best places to live and work before relocating. This information will assist you in making your plans as you will know what to look forward and be better prepared to settle into your new city.

To help make your choice a bit easier, we have put together this brief guide covering some of the best places expats can live and work in Australia, based on factors like cost of living, availability of essential amenities, employment and business opportunities, and things to do.

If you’re looking to explore more of Australia and its beautiful beaches and coastlines, you could consider taking an East Coast tour to explore New South Wales and Queensland.

Check out the cities that made it into our list, arranged in no particular order.


This capital city of South Australia is growing in popularity thanks to its very affordable real estate and open country feel. Adelaide has one of the most affordable real estate markets in the country, meaning that you will be able to afford modest accommodation until you find your feet.

Even though the employment rate is a bit above the national average, there are tons of job opportunities for qualified and willing workers. In fact, this city recruits as much as 5000 skilled migrant workers every year, especially in industries related to healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

Adelaide is a popular destination for expatriates, a lot of whom settle down in the suburbs of Banksia Park and Belair, where there are various cultures to explore, arts festivals, and exciting experiences.


Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and offers the usual excitement associated with living in a thriving city. Despites its position as one of the biggest cities in the country, you will find that it has a pretty affordable real estate market, way lower than you will find in places like Sydney and Melbourne.

Brisbane has a booming economy with plenty of job opportunities in the health, hospitality, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. The city also has an excellent education system, effective transport system, and an impressive array of attractions and leisure centres.

If you want a place where you can be close to the city action, you may want to consider suburbs like Paddington.


With a population of about 5 million, Sydney is Australia’s largest city, and the city with the most employment opportunities. However, this position does not come without a downside, as Sydney has one of the most expensive real estate industries in the entire country.

Cost of living in this city is very high with houses competing with places like New York, London, and Paris in terms of prices, placing it up there as one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

That said, Sydney has a very high employment rate, with thousands of employment opportunities every day. Sydney also has one of the best and most advanced amenities in the country, making it particularly popular with young expats.

If you are considering moving to Australia and want to get into the fast paced lifestyle of a vibrant city, Sydney will fit your needs perfectly


Everyone knows Melbourne to be the cultural capital of Australia because this is where you will find the most amazing collection of museums, art galleries, theatres, restaurants, and clubs.

Melbourne is a dynamic city of mixed cultures as residents of the city come from all over the world. These features contribute to make Melbourne one of the expensive cities to settle in, second only to Sydney, but despite this housing downside, Melbourne has huge employment potentials especially for expats looking to work in the arts, hospitality, and sports industry.

Melbourne is particularly popular with younger expats as the dynamics of the city allow for quick assimilation of young people.

If you are comfortable in and around a highly cultural environment, you will fit perfectly in Melbourne. Thankfully, relocating to Australia is not as difficult as most people expect it to be. Just be sure to do your research properly because the more info on relocating you can get, the easier it will be for you.


Hobart is historically the second oldest city in Australia, and also one of the best when it comes to house prices and cost of living.

Hobart has a wide range of real estate options, from luxurious mansions to modest houses, and its many riverside suburbs is popular among expat families and retirees.

While it is true that Hobart may not have a vibrant employment market, it does offer stable and steady opportunities to skilled workers, especially those able to work in manufacturing, agriculture, and construction.

Hobart also has an active social scene made up of exciting nightlife, beaches, and the spectacular Mt Wellington.


This easy-going cosmopolitan city on the west coast of Australia is known for its gorgeous parks and all-year-round pleasant weather.

Perth also has a vibrant economy and lots of job opportunities, particularly in the mining, tourism, healthcare, and technology industries. There are also many excellent schools for children for expats that want to migrate with their families and children. Perth also has a great social scene characterised by beaches, festivals, events, and culture.

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