The Brief and Only Fleet Maintenance Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Did you know that the fleet management system market is projected to reach a value of 42 billion dollars by 2028? The trucking industry is growing yearly by leaps and bounds and shows no signs of declining. And a good management system and checklist help increase the productivity of fleets.

Are you looking to create a comprehensive to-do list for your fleet? If you are a fleet manager who wants to get the most value out of their trucks, now is the perfect time to learn more. Take a look at this handy fleet maintenance checklist here.

Preventive Tasks

Different types of fleets may have different needs, but all fleets should complete preventive tasks to ensure the safety of their vehicles. You should always check the engine oil and filter, along with the brakes, brake fluid levels, transmission, and transmission fluids, steering components, and fluids. Pressure check the coolant system and check the coolant levels, too.

Inspect Tires and Wheels

One of the most important parts of the vehicle is the tires, so be sure to check them thoroughly, starting with the air pressure. Do an inspection and check the inflation pressure, and rotate them. Inspect the wheels and tread and make sure there is no glass or debris stuck in the tires that could cause a future blowout.

Test Electrical Systems

The next step is to test the electrical systems since they play a key role in the vehicle’s function. Check the battery, alternator, wipers, vehicle tracking sensors, air-conditioning, and alarms. Make sure the Global Positioning System (GPS) and any other navigation systems are working.

Do a Visual Exterior Inspection

While it is critical to ensure that the vehicle is working properly, don’t forget to do a visual inspection to make sure that it looks right, too. Take a look a the truck’s logos and cleanliness so that it makes a good impression. Change any burned-out lights and replace any glass or mirrors that are cracked.

Request a Driver Report

One of the best preventative measures that you have is a driver’s report. Have drivers log any issues on the road and put them in a report that you can review before you begin your maintenance checklist.

Find a Fleet Maintenance Software Company

If you want professional help, do your research and find a fleet maintenance software company. These companies can offer services like GPS tracking, driver behavior, dashcam solutions, and more. You can view a webfleet demo online to learn more about it.

Make the Best Maintenance Checklist

Now that you’ve learned how to make the best fleet maintenance list, you can feel confident that you are getting it done right. Start with preventative measures, and then move on to inspections and servicing. And if you have fleet management software, it can give you peace of mind knowing that you can supervise them while they’re on the road.

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