The Common Types of Car Accidents: A Complete Guide

Did you know that there are 6 million car accidents every year in the U.S.? Are you wondering what the different types of car accidents are?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most common types of car accidents. Read on to explore the different types and find out your chances of seeing one of these types of accidents.

  1. Rear-End

This is one of the most common types of car accidents. It’s where the front side of a car hits another’s backside. While they can be a minor accident, they have the potential of being a major collision. They depend on the distance and speed of all cars involved.

  1. Head-On

This is where 2 vehicles hit each other from the front. Or, when one vehicle hits a non-moving object. These types of accidents have a high potential for causing major injuries.

  1. Vehicle Rollover

Getting in a car accident that’s a vehicle rollover has a high chance of being violent and complex. This is where the road, vehicle, driver, and environment all collide.

While the type of your vehicle has a large impact on this type of accident, it also depends on the environment, roads, and behavior. For example, is there drinking, how fast are you going, etc.

  1. Side-Impact

Another name for side-impact accidents is t-bone and broadside collisions. This is where at least one side of a vehicle is impacted.

They’re common when 2 vehicles pass on a road, parking lot, or intersection. These crashes can be severe, but depend on where your vehicle is hit.

  1. Sideswipe Accidents

This is where one side of a vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. It’s when they’re heading in the same direction. No matter what car accident you’re in, you’ll want to call a personal injury attorney such as

This is normally when one car goes out of its lane and into another lane. It’s often due to when a driver shifts from one lane to another without paying attention.

Common Injuries

After an accident, you might suffer different injuries such as broken bones or traumatic brain injuries. Broken bones are common because the force that occurs during an accident is not what bones are meant to handle.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury occurs when there’s a blow to the head or other injury. They can range from permanent brain damage to a minor concussion. Keep in mind that these symptoms might not appear until many days after the accident.

If your head is hit during an accident, even if you feel fine, you’ll want to get checked by a doctor. Some symptoms might include sensory issues, headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Soft Tissue Injury

This is where you experience damage to the body’s connective tissue. This is your tendons, muscles, and ligaments. A soft tissue injury is the most common type of injury after an accident.

An example of a soft tissue injury is whiplash. This is an injury to your upper back and neck.

Soft tissue injuries cause stretched out ligaments and muscles. They can cause injuries in other parts of your body as well, such as your back.

Chest Injuries

Chest injuries normally appear as bruises or contusions. They can be internal injuries such as broken ribs.

These injuries occur due to the position you’re at behind the wheel. Your chest hits the steering wheel. It can cause a high level of force against your seat belt or shoulder harness.

Emotional Injuries

Emotional injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly. These are caused by adrenaline, withdrawal, release, depression, or anxiety from the accident. They normally disappear within a short period of time.

If you’re experiencing emotional trauma for a few weeks after an accident, you’ll want to contact your doctor. Especially one who specializes in trauma and injuries.

What To Do After a Car Accident?

If you’re able to after a car accident, it’s a good idea to take pictures of the accident, including your car and the other vehicle. Make notes of any reckless behavior such as the other driver drinking, speeding, etc.

Obtain a copy of the police report. You’ll also want to go to the doctor to get checked. After seeing a doctor and holding onto the medical records, bring all documents with you to a personal injury lawyer.

How To Pick Out a Personal Injury Attorney?

Find a personal injury attorney who has experience in the injury you’re facing. Take a quick look online, or receive referrals from your friends about different attorneys in the area.

Check out the attorney’s website for any reviews, and check the search engines. If they have one bad review, that’s not necessarily a red flag. But, if they have many, then they might not be the right choice.

Have questions handy in advance that you’ll want to ask the lawyer. For example, ask them for their experience, how they’ll be in contact during the trial, how much they cost, etc.

You’ll also want to find out if you have a case and what your chances are of winning. Tell them about any work missed due to the accident, and all medical bills. If the other driver is found at fault, you might be able to receive compensation from them.

Exploring the Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Now that you’ve explored the most common types of car accidents, you should have a better idea of what to expect on the road, and what to avoid. Would you like to read more health content? For everything from home improvement to health, check out our other articles today.

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