The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Churches: What to Know

Did you know that the number of Americans who attend church has fallen below the majority? With more and more people finding other spiritual outlets, you may find it difficult to attract new church members.

Have you ever thought about digital marketing for churches so that you can expand your online presence? Here is a great guide to your digital marketing strategy, from website design to advertising church events.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for any business, but you can also use it for your church’s digital marketing strategy. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are easy to use, and you can cross-post on many platforms.

You can make posts for advertising church events, members of the leadership team, and service schedules. It is also a great way to get younger people more involved in the ministry. Since they are more social media savvy, you can recruit them to help manage the social media accounts.

Offer Free Resources

Sometimes new church members can feel overwhelmed, especially if they are new to the faith. Free resources through social media or your church website can make a huge difference in how comfortable they feel about the content.

If your church runs a series or groups of sermons around a similar topic, then you can share materials such as supplemental devotionals, Bible verses, and notes. Worksheets that members can print and bring to church with them will help to guide the sermon as well.

Update Your Website

Chruch website design is extremely important if you want to attract and retain new members of the congregation. Your website should be user-friendly, clean, and direct people to the resources they need.

Make sure to include relevant information such as pastoral and church staff, service times, and small study groups for talking about sermons. Also, include a place where people can contact your church to ask questions.

Take Advantage of Livestream

Many churches in areas that have been hit hard by the pandemic have shifted their delivery method to live to stream. It is a great way to encourage more people to watch sermons and attend services if they cannot make it in person.

You can have a live stream through the church’s website for easy access. Social media apps offer live stream compatibility as well. Make sure to stream on multiple platforms to increase viewership.

Digital Marketing for Churches is Simple

If you want to bring in more members to your church, you should not have to spend hours and hours trying to think of different methods. With this handy guide to digital marketing for churches, you can ensure that your congregation continues to grow.

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