The Genius Guide to Moving Homes

If you want to relocate or move to a new location, you will want to stay ahead of the game by researching ways that would help it make an easy process. Moving or relocating to someplace new can be a daunting process that requires a lot of planning and takes plenty of time to pull off successfully. Although some parts of the moving process cannot become more manageable or quicker, by taking out some time and taking advantage of the internet, you too can make your next move go without a hitch.

From utilizing items that you already have present inside your house or using your available space to its fullest, we are here to offer you some advice. This article will share some moving hacks that will surely help you make your next move go as smoothly as possible. 

1. Hire Professional Movers

It is a professional mover’s sole responsibility to help homeowners move houses. After all, they know the stress and anxiety homeowners have to go through during the moving process. In such a case, hiring a professional mover to manage the moving process is a no-brainer. 

Therefore, if you are looking to relocate to another home, get in touch with your local movers to ensure that you experience a stress-free move. They will handle everything from transportation to packing to unpacking to everything in between. However, before selecting a moving company, consider shortlisting a few options and getting a free moving quote.

2. Use Clothes As Padding

You can move anything that goes on a clothes hanger, specifically clothes, to your new location with the help of wardrobe boxes. You can make use of vacuum-sealed plastic bags to save space for other items as well. But, what will you do with those bulky socks and sweatshirts? A perfect idea would be to use them as padding or your wardrobe moving boxing.

Line the edges of your wardrobe moving boxes with bulky clothing items to make the best use of space. Better yet, wrap delicate items such as decoration pieces, which provides them with an added level of protection to avoid breakage during the moving process.

3. Take Advantage Of A Storage Unit

A storage unit provides homeowners with a flexible storage facility, whether they want to de-clutter their closets and rooms or move to a new location and need a temporary storage solution for their belongings.

Maybe you want to store new pieces of furniture for your new home, or you don’t have enough space in your moving boxes. In such instances, storage units are a great option to save time and cut down your moving costs.

4. Don’t Forget Your Suitcases

If you like to travel a lot, a suitcase with wheels is your best friend. It is even better when you want to relocate to a new location. However, moving heavy boxes and picking them up will give you an annoying backache. Instead, use wheeled luggage to move heavy items such as books and bulky clothing. You will avoid getting unnecessary backaches, and you will thank us for this tip later on. 

5. Take Photos Of Your Current Home

Some people want to replicate their current home inside their new one. While some people might have a good memory, other people should use their mobile phones and take photos of their rooms to guide them about the placement of furniture, bookshelves, or other items at their previous home. Other than allowing you to remember about the placement of your furnishings, you will also be able to remove unnecessary items to avoid causing any clutter inside your new home.

6. Create An Inventory List

As moving to a new location is not easy to manage, you might leave behind some of your items as you pack in a hurry. To avoid this situation from ever occurring, the best tip we can give you would be to make an inventory list. Will the help of an inventory list, you can check off items when you pack them at your old home and unpack them to your new one. An inventory list will allow you to know if you missed any items, and it will also help you remember what items you placed in a specific box.

7. Label All Moving Boxes

A moving truck full of identical moving containers can be a nightmare for when you want to unpack. To make unpacking at your new location a lot easier, make sure that you label each box and container while packing. You can get fancy and color-code your moving boxes as well. For example, you can assign specific color codes to your rooms and match them with the color code on your moving box to know about the items that go inside a room accordingly.

Moving can be exciting, fun, time-consuming, and stressful simultaneously. Moving to a new home means starting fresh, and it allows you to remove any unnecessary items, freeing up space in your new home. With the tips we have shared in this article, you too can enjoy the best parts of moving and make it an easy and manageable process. If you need to ship a pallet over 300 miles or internationally, Ship Smart can make the process simple and safe. Visit us for a free fast online estimate.

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