The importance of ensuring the good condition of a UPS

Keeping an industry running constantly can sometimes be a matter of life and death. A power source going down in the medical profession can be catastrophic without backup, as can those who rely on it when exploring underwater. Thousands of dollars can be lost when production goes down, sometimes in perishable wasted stock.

Fortunately, most enlightened businesses plan for it by having emergency resources on hand to kick in when electrical power is lost in some way. However, it is not always 100% foolproof, as some of the common UPS problems and solutions exemplify.

Those in charge of overseeing such issues can occasionally take their eye off the ball, and not complete proper maintenance and regular checks. It’s easily done if there haven’t been any problems for months or even years, but when something goes wrong it can lead to all kinds of chaos. Regular checks and maintenance are a must with UPS systems as proactive measures are always better than reactive ones.

Battery failures are the leading cause of data center outages. The consequences can be catastrophic to those relying on systems to operate whole factories or to those in the financial sector, which can see opportunities for those with malicious intent to steal money or sensitive information. Just a few minutes of lost power can cost millions of dollars. Checking for low battery alarms, inadequate voltage readings, and early discharge are signs that a battery requires replacement, which can be sourced from leading suppliers. With peace of mind restored, a company might wish to concentrate on building a strong brand identity.

Capacitors can be a big cause of problems, as each UPS generally has a dozen of them that store and release energy. Again, inspections by a professional with a deep knowledge of such systems go a long way to preventing issues, along with replacements, as such components will naturally be worn over time and become unreliable.

Sometimes age catches up with a power supply the same as it does with any machine or human, which can lead to UPS errors. When things go wrong, it is essential to be able to call upon experts to attend and solve any such issue as soon as possible, ideally one that is available 24/7, as the power supply doesn’t keep to a timetable and can go down at any time. The purchase of customized solutions can also prevent such problems from occurring. It may allow for those involved in such preventative measures to feel relaxed and enjoy a lakeside walk.

Several other factors need to be accounted for, such as the fans that cool the systems not being in good working order. If they are in poor condition, like containing aging ball bearings, or have blockages, they can cause overheating and huge problems. Regular inspections can also prevent the common problem of connection errors.

The most common problems connected to a UPS can be prevented by teaming up with a professional service that can provide solutions and ensure that maintenance is in good order.

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