The Most Important Things You Should Know About MRE

You must have heard of ready to eat items or even tried them at some point. It’s excellent for people looking for a quick yet healthy meal. You can either heat them or consume them directly. When several such items are collected together at a place, it’s called an MRE, Meal Ready to Eat, or Meat Ready to Eat. Ever since the US military first started them, they’ve gained a wide following throughout the world. But what should an MRE contain, as this Top MRE(Meat Ready to EAT) Review tells? What items are included in a ready to eat? Continue reading to find out.

What is an MRE?

The simple definition of an MRE has been mentioned above. Here’s the detailed one. Although some people think of it as an incomplete meal, they couldn’t be far from wrong. It is a complete meal that comes in a single package and is preserved from weather changes and rough conditions. Although the specific items might differ, the basic ones are an entree, side dish, spread, cracker, hot sauce, beverages, candy, accessories, and ration heater. As of the present, there are around 24 MRE menus. They are the primary source of nutrition for several armies around the world, including the US Army. Their earlier avatar was known as MCI, which meant, Meal, Combat, and Individual. Besides troops, campers, trekkers, hikers, survival enthusiasts, and those involved in emergencies extensively use it.

What does a Ready to Eat Contain?

Meat and Beef

No MRE is complete without any meat or beef. It is the primary source of protein and is indispensable for individuals engaged in strenuous physical activity. However, the item may vary from one package to another. Shredded beef in barbecue sauce, spaghetti with beef and sauce, teriyaki beef sticks, beef strips in tomato sauce, beef taco, beef goulash and ravioli, beef patty, and southwest style beef are the beef items found. Meatballs in marinara sauce are also found in almost every package.


Spreads are the items applied evenly on bread, crackers, biscuits, or other food. They improve the texture and taste and add moistness. Jam, butter, cheese, jelly, and mayonnaise are some of the widely used spreads. The spreads mostly found in MREs are cheddar cheese, peanut butter, strawberry and blackberry jam, apple jelly, and fat-free mayonnaise.


Beverages are an essential part of ready to eat because they provide essential nourishment and refreshment. Food would be dry without them too. However, instead of the liquid itself, what is provided is a beverage powder that can easily be mixed with water and consumed instantly. Some powders found are lemon-lime, orange, tropical punch, cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, and Irish cream cappuccino mix. Energy drinks like Gatorade and carbo energy drinks are provided in cans.


Deserts are available in the form of cakes and cookies. They are loaded with energy and nutrients, besides being greatly relished. Vanilla pound cake, applesauce pound cake, and marble pound cakes are typical. Cookies of oatmeal, chocolate, and sugar are also provided.

How Long Do They Last?

The longevity of the MREs depends on their storage time and in the temperatures they are stored. At 49℃, they last for a month or so, while at 10℃, they could last for as long as five years. One way of determining if they are edible or not is to use a TTI or time-temperature indicator. It is a device that indicates the time and temperature history of a specific product. They have two parts: an inner light circle and a dark outer circle. If the inner circle is brighter, then the MRE is still in good condition. They can be heated with a flameless ration heater by simply removing the heater sleeve and keeping it over the fire for almost twelve minutes.

As reviews like Top MRE (Meat Ready to Eat) Reviewwill tell you, ready to eat items are indispensable for survivalists, campers, and hikers. These are the items you can expect in them and ways of finding if they are safe or not.

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