The Truth About Grow Taller Supplement Pills Like Growth Factor Plus

Wanting to look taller is the wish of many people who are discontent with their height. But what is a serious concern for some, is often a marketing opportunity for others. As a result, a whole slew of companies advertise grow taller supplements as magic fix-it-all solutions like the HealthReview’s website.

Promising increases in height of up to 3 inches in several months, grow taller supplements can be hard to ignore. How many of their claims are true? Discover below whether grow taller supplements are worth getting your hopes up.

What the Real Science of Height Growth Says

The marketing strategy of all grow taller supplements hinges on the premise that you can grow taller at any age. Despite how dazzling this premise may sound, the fundamental problem with it is that it’s simply not true.

As a matter of fact, most of your skeletal system finishes its formation by the age of 20. From this point forward, your skeletal system is subject only to small adaptations that depend on your individual lifestyle factors.

Furthermore, your genetics dictates at least 60% your potential for height growth and determines how tall you end up looking. The remaining portion of up to 40%, corresponds exactly to the small adaptations that you can influence with your lifestyle.

What Most Grow Taller Supplements Claim They Can Do

Human growth hormone (HGH) is another notion that grow taller supplements exploit in their marketing strategies. They claim that supplementing HGH can help bypass the influence of your genetics on your height.

Despite how alluring this claim seems, it is essentially misleading since HGH has limited influence on how tall you become. Furthermore, HGH maintains this influence only until you finish puberty having no profound impact on your height from there on.

What the excess of HGH does in an adult body, however, is less common for grow taller supplements to mention. Nonetheless, exogenous HGH consumption causes an increase in insulin-like growth factor which then leads to anything from acne to diabetes.

What Some Grow Taller Supplements May Do

Despite many grow taller supplements being bogus, not all of them are necessarily worthless. Some of them, often called growth enhancement supplements, contain no HGH but include valuable micronutrients that nurture the skeletal system.

For instance, some growth enhancement supplements contain amino acids L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Ornithine, L-Tyrosine, L-Glycine, and L-Glutamine. All of these amino acids help your body synthesize collagen which is essential to healthy joints and bones.

As a result, some growth enhancement supplements can benefit the overall health of the skeletal system. And can help prevent the skeletal system degeneration from stealing inches from your height with age.

Looking Taller: Your Lifestyle Reigns Supreme

Even though some growth enhancement supplements can support your fight for looking taller, they are still not your best bet. The most profound factor that you can ultimately leverage to stay as tall as your genetics allows is your lifestyle. And luckily for you, it’s well within what you control.

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