The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinets, without a question, are the most prominent component in a kitchen.

More than half of a kitchen’s design is devoted to it, and it’s the first thing you notice when you enter. Storage and organizing are two of its primary functions, thus they make great centerpieces in any room. Making the right cabinet selections for your kitchen is an important first step in creating a space that reflects your own taste and style.

But, there are just so many different kitchen cabinet styles on the market. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the main ones, and how to pick the right kitchen cabinets for your needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles 101: Shaker Cabinets

Cabinets of the Shaker style are among the most popular in kitchens today.

Why? This design is a fantastic mix of classic and contemporary elements. It’s a showpiece, but it’s also airier than a standard cabinet would have been.

Shaker cabinets may be used in a wide variety of kitchens because of their adaptability and transitional style. They have a basic door with a raised outside border and are identified by this simple design feature. You may experiment with various paint colors, hardware types, and other elements with this blank canvas.

You can never go wrong with a shaker style since it’s so adaptable.

Base Cabinets

Underneath your sink and counters, you’ll find a row of base cabinets in almost every kitchen.

When you think of a kitchen cabinet, base cabinets are typically the first thing that comes to mind. A variety of options are available, such as dishracks and shelves for storing stuff.

It’s easy to pick the right base cabinet for your kitchen since they are available in a wide variety of designs. Is that the only drawback? When you need to retrieve anything out of a base cabinet, you typically have to lean down to do so.

Slab Cabinets

Slab cabinets are a favorite of modern designers and minimalists alike because of their basic form and sleek look. There are no panels, features, or decorations to be found on slab cabinets.

A glossy melamine slab or a rift-and-quartered white wood slab may both look stunning when finished in the slab style. Additionally, the hardware may contribute a lot to this look.

Slab cabinets are simple to clean since they don’t have any gaps or crevices.

Slab cabinets, on the other hand, are not a good choice for those who want to keep things simple. Because the design is so simple, a fresh coat of paint may be insufficient to enliven the cabinets.

Recessed Panel Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen cabinet type has a flat panel recessed below the cabinet door and a raised border. It also has a profile or a contour around the cabinet door’s perimeter. The Shaker kitchen cabinet design is part of the recessed panel kitchen cabinet style, one of the most popular in the business.

Raised cabinetry has a more traditional appearance, but recessed cabinetry has a more modern appearance, making it an excellent choice for modern and contemporary kitchens.

Minimalist design dictates that decoration should be kept to a minimum, and because of this, it works well in spaces influenced by modern design. It is more versatile than raised panel kitchen cabinets and may be used in both transitional and classic kitchens.

Wall Cabinets

Many kitchens include wall cabinets as a standard feature.

Cabinets on the wall, as opposed to the base cabinets, run along the top of your kitchen’s wall (above the sink and counters). Wall cabinets may extend all the way to the ceiling if you’re desperate for more storage space.

Storage space is limited in a wall cabinet since it is smaller than the base cabinet. However, they are excellent for utility and are easily accessible when standing.

To maximize your available storage space, wall cabinets are an excellent choice. They come in a wide variety of designs, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find something you enjoy.

Cabinets That Are Pre-Assembled

Choosing cabinetry isn’t only a matter of aesthetics. Consider the amount of time and money you’ll need to put in to pull off the appearance. The most economical kitchen cabinet option is pre-assembled.

RTA cabinets, or ready-to-assemble cabinets, are exactly what they sound like. And their greatest benefit is that you don’t have to think too hard about the kind and style you desire.

Ready-to-assemble cabinets, on the other hand, may save you both time and money. In addition, there are a wide variety of designs to choose from, so you’re sure to discover something you like. The only way to be sure of personalization is to do it yourself or get custom kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets with Raised Panels

It’s one of the more classic solutions available. Each one has a raised outside border, as well as an equally elevated inside panel, all of which have a recessed border all around them.

During the 17th and early 18th centuries, raised panels were a common design choice for kitchens. Makes a terrific addition to a room when you want to create depth and dimension.

With its “ornate” appearance, raised panel cabinets are sure to draw attention in any kitchen. If you’re looking for cabinets that blend in, this may not be the best option. Also, if you want to create a modern kitchen, they’re definitely not the best option.

Kitchen Renovation: Exploring Cabinet Options

When you’re handling a kitchen remodel, you’ll want to dedicate some time and money to pick the right kitchen cabinets. They can make or break your whole remodel.

Hopefully, our little guide on the different kitchen cabinet styles and what makes them tick has given you some inspiration. Also, you’ll want to check out our other explainers and guides in our home renovation section.

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