The Ultimate Office Supply Checklist

Did you know many people can’t focus in a messy office space? If you need to clear up your office and get essential office supplies, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll give you an office supply checklist. This way, you’ll know what you need and what clutter you can get rid of in your space.

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What General Supplies Do You Need?

You’ll want basic supplies like pens, pencils, folders, and binders. To keep files organized, use labels. View more labels here.

Make sure you have printer paper, planners, staples, and staplers. Get notebooks and calendars to keep track of important dates and meetings.

Scissors, paper clips, calculators, and glue are essential items. Look at keeping all these items in a desk organizer. Get tape, printer ink, and highlighters.

Technology for the Office

For your office, you’ll need a high-quality computer or laptop. Look at getting a printer, scanner, shredder, and copier machine.

Do you need to save a lot of data? Consider getting an external hard drive to protect your items from getting lost. You should have a few thumb drives on hand, as well as a phone system.

Do you need to meet with people in your office? Look at getting a few pieces of comfortable and functional furniture.

If you share an office, look at getting a room divider or meeting tables to collaborate with others. Some people will prefer to get a standing desk if they don’t want to sit all the time.

Stay Organized

You should also work on keeping your office well-organized. Pick up some essential storage items to keep your documents and supplies in their proper places.

You’ll have an easier time sorting through documents for an upcoming meeting.

Having these basic storage supplies will also prevent your desk from getting cluttered.

Some people will pick up a few filing cabinets, shelving units, or file folders. Make sure you put items back where they belong after you use them.

Do You Need to Ship Items?

If your business sells products online, shipping supplies are critical.

Pick up stationery, padded envelopes, boxes, packing tape, mailing labels, and stamps. You should also have bubble wrap and envelopes. Make sure you keep these items well-organized.

Meeting Room Supplies for Brainstorming

Do you host a lot of brainstorming or meetings with your team? You can share ideas and collaborate. But before you host a team meeting, you want to make sure you have the right supplies and tools.

Pick up a bulletin board, thumbtacks, dry-erase markers, and a whiteboard. You can pin upcoming notices or meeting reminders.

With your whiteboard, brainstorm together and write down different ideas. Get a presentation projector or invest in a phone conferencing system if you’re on a remote team. When it comes to presenting in a meeting, using a presentation clicker can be an essential tool to have on hand. Clickers allow presenters to move through their slides with ease, without having to constantly walk back to their computers to switch slides. This can help presenters stay engaged with their audience, and avoid distractions that can occur when fumbling with technology. Clickers can also help presenters make a stronger connection with their audience, as they can maintain eye contact and interact with the audience more naturally. Overall, a presentation clicker can help make meetings more efficient, effective, and engaging, making it an important supply to have in any meeting room. So, if you’re a business owner or meeting organizer, consider investing in presentation clickers to make your meetings more successful and productive

Keep Your Office Clean

Your office space will quickly get messy or cluttered if you aren’t careful. Try to keep your room tidy by having the proper cleaning tools. Basic cleaning supplies will help you get rid of messes or spills right away.

Use This Office Supply Checklist

We hope this office supply checklist was helpful. Consider your current office. Think about what you need to make your office functioning and neat.

Do you need some more organizational, business, or marketing tips? We have so many resources ready for you to check out on the blog, so hang around and make some notes.

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