These Are the Signs You Have a Rodent Problem in Your Home

You think you have a rodent problem. But is it just your imagination? How can you be sure?

As tidy as rodents are, their misadventures in your house still leave quite a bit of evidence behind. You just need to learn how to spot these signs. And that’s exactly what we’re going to help you with today.

Below are 6 telltale signs you have rats, mice, or other types of rodents living in your home. To know for sure, go through this checklist and look for these signs.

1. Fresh Rodent Droppings

Rodents leave a lot of droppings. So, if you do have an infestation, you’re bound to see fresh, pellet-like droppings where the rodents are most active.

You know the droppings are fresh when they’re dark and wet/squishy. Also, when you see them appear after you’ve just swept the floor, that’s a dead giveaway.

Old droppings will be hard and much lighter in color. Seeing old droppings doesn’t necessarily indicate a current infestation.

Take the proper precautions when cleaning up rodent droppings.

2. Shredded Paper/Gnaw Marks

Next, rodents are notorious for gnawing. They shred paper, wood, fabric, and other soft materials to build their nests.

You’re somewhat likely to see shreds of these materials if you have a rodent problem. But a lot of rodents are very tidy, collecting every shred for nest building. So, you’re much more likely to see the gnaw marks left behind.

3. You’ve Located a Nest

Seeing a rodent’s nest in your house is nothing to shrug off. Rodents breed extremely fast.

If you don’t wipe out this nest immediately, your house will soon be overrun with rodents. Contact Eagle pest control services, or other services in your local area, to take care of it right away.

4. You See Rodent Tracks or Pathways

If the bag of flour in your pantry mysteriously springs a leak overnight, check it for mouse tracks. Also, check along the floorboards of your walls for mouse pathways.

Look for smudges, drag marks, urine, and droppings. Using a black light will illuminate any urine spots.

If you suspect you’ve found a rodent runway, line the path with baby powder or flour and leave it overnight. In the morning, check for rodent tracks.

5. You Can Smell Them

Rodents are naturally endowed with numerous foul-smelling scents. When your house suddenly smells like a pet shop whenever you walk in from outside, you probably have rodents.

If you’re unfamiliar with the smell of rodents, you may consider going to your local pet shop and sniffing a few cages. Then, go back home and sniff around to compare.

6. You Can Hear Them

Another telltale sign of rodent infestation is scratching/scampering noises. When the house is very quiet, especially at night, you should be able to hear them gnawing, scratching, or clicking their claws on the floor as they walk.

7. Your Pets Are Acting Strange

Cats and dogs have heightened senses—specifically for the purpose of detecting rodents, no less. When your pets hear the scratching and scurrying of rodents, or catch wind of their musky scent, they won’t keep quiet about it.

You’ll definitely notice changes in your pets’ behavior as they go into hunting/guard mode. They may seem extra playful, vocal, or even erratic.

Do You Have a Rodent Problem?

If you noticed one or more of these signs, you most certainly have a rodent problem. Call your local pest control company for assistance right now, before the nest gets any bigger.

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