Things That Go Bump in the Night: 4 AC Sounds You Don’t Want to Ignore

Is your AC unit making noises, and you’re wondering if you should be concerned? While it’s usual for your unit to make some noise, there are some sounds that you should act on. 

Keep reading for some AC sounds that may be signaling that it’s time for a repair. Be prepared by knowing what sounds you should look out for. 

  1. Squeaking 

If you listen to squeaks or other high pitched sounds coming from your AC unit, it could mean there are loose fan belts or worn bearings. These issues can be fixed by a simple repair from an HVAC professional. However, if the squeaks very loud and seems to come from the condensation area or the package unit, the issue may be more severe. 

A loud screech could be a sign that your compressor is damaged or broken. This tends to be one of the most expensive HVAC repairs you could come across. If you listen this loud squeak, it’s best to turn the unit off immediately and contact your HVAC repair company. 

  1. Rattling 

Rattling sounds coming from your unit is an indication that something is loose. When you hear this noise, go check out the outdoor unit to see if sticks, leaves, or other debris is hitting the condenser fan. If this is the case, remove these objects. 

If the rattling continues, it is likely coming from inside your unit. It could mean something simple is loose, such as a screw or a loose condenser fan which is an easy fix for a technician. In more serious cases, it could mean that your compressor is failing which is not a cheap or easy fix. 

  1. Bubbling 

If your unit is making a bubbling or gurgling sound coming from your unit or refrigerant piping, it could need refrigerant. While this isn’t a huge deal and can be solved by adding a refrigerant, it could be signaling that your system is no longer performing to these best of its ability. It may be showing performance issues that can take a longer time to cool and heat your home. 

  1. Clicking 

While it’s usual for your unit to make a clicking noise when it turns on and off, it’s not normal to hear continuous clicking sounds from your HVAC unit. A clicking that doesn’t stop may signal to an electrical issue. Some of these sounds may be due to failing switches, faulty thermostats, as well as bad capacitors or contactors. 

This sounds could be coming from your air conditioner, furnaces, heat pumps, packaging units, or split systems. Performing regular maintenance can help keep your unit in good shape. Click the link for some AC maintenance tips that can help.

AC Sounds You Should Look Out For 

If you listen to these AC sounds, you should call your a trusted HVAC repair professional in your area for assistance. It’s best to keep up with regular maintenance and avoid putting off repairs to keep your unit in the best shape for a longer time. 

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