Things to Consider When Looking for a Demolition Contractor

One of the most common reasons for demolition is knocking down and then rebuilding the house. On the outside, a demolition job looks chaotic and destructive, but demolition contractors put a great deal of preparation when it comes to demolishing a building. There are many things to consider when demolishing a commercial or residential building so that the safety of the neighboring or adjacent buildings is ensured.


This why you need to choose your demolition contractor carefully to have a guaranteed safe and efficient demolition job done.

Research on demolition contractors in your area

The internet is a good resource when looking for demolition contractors. If you are looking for demolition contractors in your area in Australia, you will get a list of demolition companies functioning in your city or state. Don’t jump into picking the first contractor that comes up on your search engine result page. Research on the background, track record, certification and customer reviews of the contractor or the company.

Ask for personal references

A good way of speeding up the selection process is to ask for demolition contractor reference from friends, acquaintances or relatives who have dealt with a demolition company in the past. Word of mouth is a reliable source of information when it’s your first time to look for a demolition contractor. It also helps weed narrow your options to a few good ones recommended by people you know, rather than contacting all the available companies. You can ask for the contact details of the company to personally check it out and discuss important details with the contractor or the company’s representative.


Check for the equipment of the demolition company

Once you contact the demolition company or contractor you are considering to hire, one of the things you need to consider and inquire is the range of equipment that they use for demolition jobs. A company that has a wide range of specialized equipment means that they have the tools needed to work on your type of property.

Check if the demolition company handles hazardous materials

Debris, wood splinters and broken glasses are the common hazards that most demolition companies usually handle. Demolitions in Melbourne take extra care, because aside from the usual hazardous materials, there is a high possibility that there may be asbestos in several Melbourne homes. Asbestos was used in many different building applications in Melbourne homes and establishments prior to 1990. There could be a high possibility that your home has asbestos, and it can be a harmful substance, especially when it mixes with dust and smoke and gets inhaled during the process. Thus, you will need to ensure that the contractor or demolition company is licensed and capable inspecting and handling asbestos-containing materials safely, as well as decontaminating the entire demolition site for traces of asbestos.

Check if the demolition company removes rubbish

Demolishing a home or commercial building will definitely leave a lot of debris and rubbish. A good demolition company should also the equipment to remove, load, transport and dispose rubbish for you. Such rubbish includes rocks, broken building materials, dirt and many more. Most of the times, the demolition company will give you a discounted price if you allow them to salvage materials from your demolition project. These materials can range from doors, windows, steel, timber, bricks, etc. Not only do you save up on your demolition costs, you also help lessen waste dumped in landfills.

Check for the quotes and qualifications of your contractor

Demolition is a dangerous and delicate process, that is why you should also ensure that the demolition company you choose has the proper licenses, qualifications and insurances. The right contractor should have extensive experience when it comes to handling all aspects of the job, including securing permits and following health and safety codes for demolishing a building or home in Australia. Another important aspect to consider is an estimate of the project. Your contractor should be able to give an estimate, whether free of charge or part of the demolition cost.

There can be a lot of considerations to keep in mind when choosing a demolition contractor. The right contractor should guarantee the workmanship, timeline and professionalism at all times. Doing so ensures that you are getting work done properly, efficiently and safely.

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