Things to do in Alibaug

Alibaug, located in Maharashtra on the Konkan coast, is a place that has always been an all-time favorite for tourists. This beautiful coastal town is situated around 60 kilometres from Mumbai and provides some of the most unforgettable experiences to its visitors. With many activities like beach cycling, Sagargad trek, jet ski, bumpy ride, Kashid beach camping, and Revdanda beach camping available here, this will make your vacation one of the best.

Beach Cycling

The best method to burn calories while viewing the vast sea and lovely horizon is to cycle along the beach. Discover the beaches in Alibaug and feel the wind in your hair as you cycle past palm groves, white sand beaches, and lush rainforest on this bike tour of Maharashtra.

A bicycle trip through the lush greenery of Alibaug is an unforgettable experience. You can explore one or more destinations on this bike tour, including Nagaon Beach, Harihareshwar Temple located at the mouth of river Gomukh and Sagargad Fort, which lies atop a hill in Alibaug.

Ride past pristine beaches with little human presence to enjoy the serenity that awaits you during your beach cycling tours in the Konkan region.

Alibaug’s must visit spots has some wonderful virgin beaches like Revdanda, Kashid, Talmakiwadi, etc., where tourists get mesmerized by its beauty and charm. Therefore, it becomes essential for people visiting these places for the first time to get accurate information about how beautiful the beaches are.


Sagargad Trek

Sagargad fort is situated at an altitude of 1357 feet above sea level. This hill fort has a panoramic view of the area surrounding Alibaug. It’s a lovely fort by the sea. Sagargad is a joyful trekking destination with great views of the Arabian Sea from the top. A few hours of hiking up across different waterfalls from Khandala village will get you to the top. You’ll appreciate the experience as it’s quite breezy during monsoons when you reach this vast plateau and spend incredible time there. The trek will appeal to both beginners and experienced trekkers since it is beautiful and mesmerizing.


Jet Ski

This holiday season, go to the lovely seaside and have a fantastic time with your group of adventure buddies while enjoying a fun and exuberant jet skiing experience. Allow yourself to enjoy the thundering roars of the waves as they bounce against your motorbike as you lose yourself in the joyous sounds! Join your friends in this thrilling water sport, and you’ll be able to ride the tremendous waves for a long time!

Assign a supervisor to assist you in skimming over the sea while the water splashes against your face. It’s possible for anyone who has previously played this thrilling game and has become an expert in it to do so without the assistance of a supervisor! The wild Jet Skiing adventure is all set to amaze you, and the location is welcoming to water sports enthusiasts.


Kashid Beach Camping

Consider visiting this amazing camping place near the beach, far away from the bustle of city life in a remote location. The beautiful beaches and ideal climate will help you unwind and relax after a long journey. Enjoy the sounds of the surf as you sit by the beach or take pleasure in the surrounding forest’s beauty. Tall trees and stunning panoramic vistas will add a thrill to your camping trip.

Take part in exciting activities like Volleyball, Cricket, and Badminton. Barbeques, as well as barbecued meals, are available at the campground. At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like sitting beside a crackling campfire and listening to music. Evening Tea and Snacks, Dinner, and Breakfast with Tea are included in the Kashid beach camping package to complete the experience.

Alibaug Beach Camp

When you enjoy the Alibaug camping experience, you can relax your soul and brain with the magnificent views of the sunset over the sea. Camping in Alibaug is not only a wonderful method to unwind far from the city and enjoy a peaceful getaway with your family, but it’s also an amazing way to soak up some sun.

Camping at the beach in Alibaug is only 14 kilometres from Alibaug’s main bus station and 30 kilometres from Mandwa Jetty Point. You may also sleep well while enjoying the breath-taking sunset over the vast Arabian sea from your campsite and unwind.


Revdanda Beach Camping

Revdanda’s breath-taking views of the sunset over the sea may soothe both your soul and mind when you spend a night in Revdanda. Camping on Revdanda Beach is an excellent method to have a quiet vacation with your family away from the city and on a remote section of the coast.

Enjoy a fire together with a barbeque in the evening, after which sit around the warmth to discuss and chat things with your family and friends. With their friends, guests will be able to enjoy one open-air Bollywood movie showing with a unique setup of projectors and speakers. Besides, satisfy your appetite with delectable meals such as Breakfast and Dinner.


Alibaug is a small and peaceful village located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The area has been popular with tourists for many years due to its beaches, beautiful architecture, scenic views, and proximity to Mumbai. We hope you’ve had time to explore some of these attractions as well as the other activities we suggested- now it’s time for your vacation to come to an end!

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