Things to know about air and oil filters and tips for buying one

Did you know that cars also need oxygen for different purposes, just like humans? Cars require oxygen for combustion, which is made possible by an air filter. It prevents dust, insects, and debris from reaching the engine. Similarly, an oil filter eliminates dirt and contaminants from your engine oil. 

Replacing both these filters ensures the optimum performance of the car’s engine. Before buying these products, you should ensure they are of the highest quality, made by manufacturers such as K&N, whose filters can handle extreme conditions without compromising performance. Here are some more things to know about them.

Air filters

If you have a car older than five years old, it may be time to replace your air filter.  

You should replace these filters to enable them to trap dirt, dust and other debris that could clog up an engine and cause problems with performance. They also need to be cleaned so they will work properly over time or become blocked with dirt building up inside them.

Oil filters

Oil filters are an essential part of your car’s engine. They remove contaminants from the oil, which keeps it running smoothly and prevents severe damage.

Even though they can be expensive, they keep your car running smoothly.

Oil filters help remove larger particles from engine oil, allowing better lubrication and performance. They’re also important when it comes to your furnace or air conditioner. If you have an older vehicle, especially one sitting in the garage for some time without being used regularly (like a car), consider replacing your old filter with a new one!

How to check filter compatibility?

It’s important to know what kind of oil you’re putting in your car, so you can know which filters are compatible with them. There are two main types of automotive oils: synthetic and conventional. Synthetic oils are made from petroleum-based products that have been chemically altered to improve their performance characteristics (for example, they hold up better in extreme temperatures). 

Conventional motor oils use hydrocarbons derived from fossil fuels (such as crude oil) in their manufacturing process; these fluids contain some contaminants that might harm your engine if not properly filtered out before being used as an additive in a vehicle’s engine oil system. On the other hand, synthetic motor oils are more expensive and require frequent changing due to their high cost per litre compared with conventional forms.

What are some filter accessories?

Air filter oil

Air filter oil is a synthetic lubricant used to lubricate your air filter. It’s sold in a spray can or bottle; you should use it when replacing your air filter. The most common usage for this product is when cleaning the interior of your vehicle’s engine compartment.

Synthetic filter cleaner

Synthetic filter cleaner is a chemical that cleans the interior of your air filters by removing dust and pollen and preventing clogging. It’s also effective at removing mould, mildew, odours, corrosion and rust. These filter cleaners can be used in two ways: as a spray or as an aerosol canister. The spray method works better for longer-term use because it leaves no residue behind on the surface of the filter or around its edges. The aerosol canister method works well if you want something that won’t run out quickly but still needs frequent replacement.

Things to consider when buying 

When you’re looking at buying K&N products online, there are a few things that can help guide your decision-making process. For instance, the air filter should be washable and reusable, improving performance. Before buying oil filters, ensure they work with all synthetic, petroleum-based, and racing oils. You should also buy from an online supplier that offers free countrywide shipping and a 30-day returns policy. 

These are some things you should know about air and oil filters and their importance in a vehicle. It’s necessary to change them at regular intervals to ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle’s engine. 

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