Things to know before renting a car in Mexico

Mexico is the perfect vacation destination for tourists. It attracts people with its sandy beaches and warm water, as well as luxurious hotels ready to pamper their guests. The sunny and glowing photos posted by many are just another incentive for tourists to plan their trip. Mexico seems to be an adventure and attracts people who are willing to take risks. It has some sense of mystery surrounding the Mexican culture and is an attraction for those willing to go off the beaten track. Even though there are a lot of group tours organized, it is more interesting to experience everything on your own, not having to adapt to the group schedule. So, many tourists opt to rent a car when they set out on the journey across the country.

Advantages of renting a car 

The first and the most obvious advantage is the freedom to explore new places. Mexico has a lot to offer in terms of historical heritage. There are a lot of places for those eager to discover the culture. This country is also the destination for those preferring to laze on the beach. Moreover, it is a big country, so to discover both cultural and vacation places, a rental car is a must. 

Secondly, travelers choosing a rental car in Mexico can build their itinerary and fit visits to multiple sites in one day. Otherwise, they can spend as much time as they want in one place, they can sunbathe on the beach or hop in the car and travel along the coast. They can combine active and lazy types of holidays, by spending some days driving around the cultural places and others by sunbathing.

How to stay safe

Driving in a foreign country can be quite a daunting task. It is tricky to drive in an unfamiliar place with signs in a foreign language. Plus, tourists often get distracted by beautiful scenery trying to take everything in, and thus they can often get in dangerous situations on the road. What is more, people do not feel confident driving in a foreign country as far as they are strangers there. It can be quite scary to find yourself in an unfamiliar situation, especially in a strange country So, to avoid crashes you should:

  • familiarize yourself with the route ahead of time;
  • learn if there are any differences in driving rules;
  • try to use navigator;
  • avoid off-beat routes and follow the main highways;
  • make sure that you are a polite driver that doesn’t endanger others on the road.

When you arrive in Mexico, it is sensible to rent a car at Guadalajara airport. Once you choose the rental car, make sure to take photos of it, to ensure that you are not blamed for any dents or scratches that might have already been there. Besides, it is mandatory to get insurance for a rental car in Mexico, so be sure to factor it in as an additional expense, when you are checking out the fees online. 

Pitfalls to avoid

A rental car is a great way to experience a country, but many tourists are afraid of hiring a car due to different rules and regulations that many companies may apply. So, it is clearly important to learn those beforehand, besides many companies may not rent out cars to those who are under 20, even though the legal driving age in Mexico is 15 or an extra charge may be applied to younger drivers.  To spare yourself of any unpleasant surprises it is important to do your research beforehand. What is more, you might like to learn about different usual rules of behavior in the country. For instance, it is common to take away one of the number plates if you get a parking ticket. While locals know about it, an unlucky tourist might be shocked by that. Besides, local law enforcement has got a bad rep, so to be more confident once you are stopped on the road, you should probably read up on the traffic laws in the country. Also, just to be on the safe side, not to get lost in Mexico, if the internet connection is not good, try to download the map ahead of time. Thus, you will feel more confident driving, plus you will have a backup plan. You can also get the usual paper map at the airport.

Is it better to rent online or in person?

These days most tourists prefer to book everything online, including the rental car. There are some advantages to that. Firstly, you will be sure that you will get the car you want. Secondly, you will know the approximate pricing and the amount of money you will need. Lastly, you can plan your itinerary better, and spend less time queuing up to get the car or visit a place of interest. However, in the case of Mexico, make sure to double-check if you can get a better deal getting a car or making any other booking in person. Also, make sure that there is no extra charge that you are not aware of. Finally, booking in person might give you mere flexibility in terms of pricing.

All in all, any journey can be a pleasant, albeit surprising adventure. The key is to put in as much planning as you can, but be ready to go with the flow as needed. The more flexible you are, the more enjoyable the travel will be.

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