This Is How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet for Your Home

Home remodeling companies saw a 58% project increase in 2020. Why? People stuck at home decided to get to work and spruce up their houses.

You’re remodeling, too, and you’ve started with your kitchen. You’ve refurbished your cabinets and bought new appliances. Now you’re ready to install a new kitchen faucet.

Which style is right for you? Read on to learn how to choose a kitchen faucet that combines function and aesthetics.

Faucet Options

Even a small-scale kitchen remodel adds significant home resale value. The kitchen is the heart of any home. The key for how to choose a kitchen faucet is to combine style and function.

You want a faucet that looks great and works great. Consider your installation options first.


These types of faucets can mount on the counter or the sink’s edge. They’re common in newer kitchens and feature many options.

You can choose a single-hole or three-hole mount. A single hole features a faucet with one hot and cold adjustable knob. A three-hole mount is a faucet plus an individual hot and cold water knob.

This faucet features a single handle pull-down at an excellent price.


This type of home kitchen faucet can mount onto the wall. They’re great for smaller kitchens where space is limited.

A wall-mounted faucet frees up counter space and allows for unique sink designs.

Function and Style

Investing in a new kitchen faucet isn’t just about looks, though looks matter. Decide what functions you want first.


Most new faucets come equipped with a sprayer. These sprayers make your life easier. Most can remove tough, cooked-on food without the use of a scouring pad.

You have two options, the extended faucet sprayer or a separate side sprayer. The extended faucet sprayer is a streamlined design that turns on with a simple button push.


Are you a savvy home chef? Gourmet meals require a lot of cleaning. If you’ve invested in expensive cookware, you know you can’t put it in the dishwasher. 

Maneuvering pots and pans under a low faucet is a challenge. Choose one with a higher arc to give yourself more workspace.


Leaky sink vales waste water and damage your cabinets. Your valve material is as crucial to your sink’s function as the arc and sprayer.

Most experts recommend ceramic valves. They’re reliable and have a long life.

Finish and Style

What’s your design aesthetic? Do you want a farmhouse look? Or are you interested in a more modern look to match your stainless steel appliances?

Your new kitchen faucet should match the style and color of your kitchen. Finishes options like bronze, nickel, and chrome match any aesthetic. 

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet That’s Right for You

How to choose a kitchen faucet? Find the right style for your space with a finish that matches your design aesthetic. Don’t break the bank, but don’t go too cheap. A quality kitchen faucet is the centerpiece of your new kitchen.

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