Tips for beginners of Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is played by people worldwide. The gameplay is realistic and contains elements like character injuries, customizable weapons, and realistic ballistics. The game is more demanding and engrossing for players because of this level of realism. Because of the “hardcore” nature of the game, players risk losing all of their gear if they pass away in the middle of a raid. Players may find the sense of urgency and risk created by this to be quite exciting. Players may explore and loot the game’s expansive open environment. When players look for useful gear and goods, this fosters a sense of exploration and adventure. Of course, Escape from Tarkov may be played alone or with a team, and it promotes cooperation among players in order to live. This gives the game a social component and fosters teamwork among the players.

The game’s intricate skill system enables players to advance and develop their characters over time. Players get a sense of success as a result of improving their skills and equipment to live in the game’s universe. For example, tarkov labs keycard is very difficult to mine. This is a task that not every player with extensive gaming experience can handle. Therefore, many players turn to the boot service to get cards. This service is legal, it is performed by professional gamers. With the help of boosting, you can get cards quickly, without spending your efforts and a huge amount of time.

There are many tips to help you succeed in the game. We decided in this article to tell you about not the most obvious, but very important things that you need to keep in mind.

Playing the wild

Play as a wild man more often, for example, alternate the game with your PMC. This will give you an additional gaming experience. For example, we, having bad weapons, are going to loot. And having something more or less good, we go to the shots to try our luck in the next shootout. Over time, you will have to learn to adapt to any gameplay for any side, and playing in the wild will help you with this.

Shooting practice

Practice your shooting through the method of fielding a large number of bots offline. Let’s say, having set the factory, take the desired equipment and set it to the “Horde” mode. Use different weapon builds, try to play with stock options, shoot from the hip, or kill bots only in the head. This way you will start to get used to shooting in Tarkov. Don’t forget that the best practice is against real players.

Binds from unloading

Keybindings can be used not only on medicine and grenades but also on short weapons when they are unloaded. The MP-5 pistol and other pranks are great for this. In what situation to use it is visible only to you, but the thing is quite convenient.

Go around the enemy

Bypassing the enemy is much better than sitting in one place and shooting head-on. If there is such an opportunity, then why not. The sounds in our game are currently not working correctly, so this thing can play into your hands. But it can also play into the hands of your opponent, who will try to kill you on the same principle. Remember this.

Stop being afraid

There are enough guides on this topic, and we will only tell you briefly: no way. You will be afraid until you get used to the game. Alas, this is how our brain works. You’re afraid mostly because you don’t want to lose the loot. Participate in fights more and try to kill through fear and shaking hands. Sooner or later you will get used to it and in one moment you will notice that you are no longer afraid.

Features of sound on the floors

The sound in Tarkov still has a lot of flaws. One of them is the sound on the floors. Being on the second floor, for example, in a three-story dormitory and standing upright, you will not hear the enemy from below.

To hear you need to lie down, then the sound from the first floor will be quite clearly heard. But the sound from the third floor may not be heard at all in some cases. Then, in order to better hear the sound on the floor above, on the contrary, you need to stand up to your full height. Keep this in mind, because the sound is one of the important components of Tarkov.

Spread with laser

The dispersion of the laser pointer with a switched-on flashlight or a large red dot, which is visible only at short distances, decreases significantly when firing from the hip. There are a large number of such modules in the game.

So are you prepared for the ultimate in intense gaming? Consider playing Escape from Tarkov! This game will keep you on the edge of your seat with realistic gameplay, high stakes, and a huge open world to explore and plunder. If you want to survive, form a team. If not, go it alone. The game’s intricate skill system allows players to advance and become the ultimate survivor. Test Escape from Tarkov right away to feel the rush of the ultimate escape! And our tips will help you succeed in this game.

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