Tips For Hiring Non-US Workers For Your Business

Business owners often find that the best candidate for the job they are advertising is not a US citizen. The process of hiring a non-US employee and making them feel comfortable can be complicated.

Be Confident In Your Selection

Interview the candidate carefully. Set up at least three interviews to cover every question you have. Give them extensive tests. Remember that you will need to prove that they are the best person for the job. Consider that the US job market is tight right now but there may be some pushback. Be sure that the candidate is worth the time and resources it takes to hire a non-US employee. 

Understand Your Responsibilities

Contact an immigration lawyer if you are considering hiring a non-US citizen. Ask them about the different visa types available to you. Find out what documentation you need to provide. Remember that you could be responsible, and the visa could be canceled if you fail to fulfill every requirement. 

Talk to an immigration expert such as Farmer Law PC if you want to apply for an EB3 visa. Know that there is a limited number issued every year. Remember that the applicant will need to apply for a family visa if they are immigrating with a partner and/or children. 

Move As Quickly As Possible

Begin the visa application process as soon as you are ready. Remember that it can take several months for the visa to be approved. Research the waiting times and potential penalties if you are considering this process.

Keep The Applicant Updated

Talk to the applicant about the visa process as soon as you have offered them the role. Tell them what they need to do on their end. Reassure them that you will handle as much as you can. Stay up to date with the latest changes to immigration law. Check-in with them regularly. Remind them of deadlines and specific requirements, such as medical histories and academic certificates. Talk to them about any delays and why they are happening. Pass on any updates from your immigration attorney.

Help Them To Settle In

Prepare a welcome packet with local information to help your new employee settle in. Include advice on where to look for housing, local schools, healthcare centers, and grocery stores. Provide basic information on American bank accounts, taxes, and insurance.

Ask about their English language proficiency and if there is anything you can do to help improve it if necessary. Encourage your employees to welcome your new addition when they arrive. Organize welcoming social events outside of work. 

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