Tips to Make Sure Your Newly Bought Home is Prepared for Your Arrival

We all know the trouble of buying a new home in today’s expensive and energy-draining world. Even if you find and buy one, it’s just half the battle won. Moving in and settling down is yet another nerve-wracking process that we all despise. Hiring a professional moving company can help, but making a double-check and ensuring that everything is in place can be stressful. We’d suggest making a checklist to avoid all the panic you might face when moving out and make settling down a lot easier.

Also, we’ve put down a few tips that could help in making sure that your new place is prepared for your arrival.

Get it cleaned

No one would like to place their first step in a dirty and foul-smelling house, especially when you plan on staying in it, probably for the rest of your life. If your house isn’t a newly bought construction, the sellers might already have tidied it up. Moving your boxes and furniture might again create a mess, but you cannot set up and settle in a place that is stinky and feels unhygienic. Make sure to get some basic cleaning done before you move in.

Check for power supply and running water

Even if you’ve checked the basic home necessities, namely, power supply and constant running water, while buying the place, you still need to check them again just a few days prior to moving in. Lack of electricity, heating or air conditioning, or running water can cause discomfort from the very moment you step in. You should also check for the breaker box, main water shutoff and gas shutoff valves to locate them easily in case of emergency.

Ensure that the driveway is clear for moving stuff

You need a clear driveway while you’re moving in with your boxes to avoid damage to your belongings. A lot of houses in Tampa, Florida, have dangling Oak trees that block a major path in your driveway that could cause difficulty for moving trucks. If you’re planning on moving there, you can hire a tree service to trim down the dangling branches for easy movement of the trucks and cars from the garage to the house entrance. JT Stinson, the owner of Stinson Tree Service in the Tampa area, proudly offers 24/7 emergency tree services, with affordable quotes for tree trimming, root pruning, and land pruning, among several others. You can also get Madera professional tree maintenance services to maintain your yard once you move in.

Check if you have the necessary tools and equipment

Even if you’re carrying all your stuff in your new house, you can buy and store all the necessary tools in your new home before you move in. Some necessary tools are a must, such as a hardware toolbox for the assembly of your new furniture, an emergency kit for accidents, a fire extinguisher, appliances, and extra linens. It’s possible that you might forget a few items before moving in, and these are all necessary.

Run a safety and hygiene check

Safety is extremely important, especially if you have a baby or a young child. A newly constructed home can still have lingering chemicals from the fresh paint or plaster that pollute the air or cause odor. Sanitizing your house and using air fresheners can enhance the hygiene factor of your home up to some extent. Also, make sure that there are no leaks to avoid hazards. One way to cross check it is to read your water meter. You can wait for a few hours and check the reading. If it’s still the same, you’re safe. You can then contact a plumber to get a thorough inspection and to fix the detected problems.

Keep it safe

Even though the house is brand new, it’s always better to be 100% safe and secure. This is why it’s advisable that you have all the locks changed before you move in, and ensure that only your family members have copies. Have a couple put in on the main doors for added security. You should also consider installing an alarm system that is activated when you’re not at home. Another great way to ensure that your home is safe is to install security cameras as well.

If you keep all these factors in check, moving can be less stressful and more joyful. Ensuring that your house is ready for your arrival makes moving in and settling down a faster and easier process. This will also keep all your chores in place and make you more responsible. Now it looks like it’s finally time to throw a housewarming party.

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