Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed When You Move to Your New House

Moving to a new house is both exciting and overwhelming. With so many things to remember, it’s no surprise that we often overlook many essential items during the move. Surely you won’t forget the obvious things like your bubble wrap or packing cartons and tape, but there are a lot of little things that will need to be fitted you may not think of right away and this is why we’re here.

Below are some of the most essential tools that you’ll need when you’re settling into your new home.

A pole saw

The exterior of your new house is as important as the interior and you’ll want to keep the bushes and trees on your property looking their best. This is why owning a pole saw is absolutely essential. A pole saw functions both as a chainsaw and a stepladder to help you cut branches and leaves from a distance while remaining on the ground, making the occasional trimming and pruning much easier and faster.

An electronic stud finder

You’ll undoubtedly want to decorate your walls with shelves, artwork, mirrors, etc. For that reason, you’ll need an electronic stud finder to help you locate wood, metal studs, and even certain types of electric wiring within your walls that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find. This will come in especially handy if you want to ensure that your valuable artwork is safely anchored and that your heavy shelves and properly supported.

A pair of heavy-duty scissors

Moving into a new home comes with its fair share of unpacking which is why a pair of heavy-duty scissors is one of the most important tools to have on hand. When you’re unpacking dozens of boxes, a decent pair of multi-purpose scissors will be the easiest way to quickly cut through cardboard, sellotape, and zip ties. Otherwise, it’ll take you forever to open and unpack all these boxes.

A tape measure

A tape measure is indispensable when it comes to moving furniture around your new house. It’ll help you determine whether certain pieces of furniture will fit through halls and doorways and it’ll also allow you to hang your artwork correctly. And if you’re buying new furniture, a tape measure is key in determining whether certain pieces will be appropriate for your new space. To cover all your bases, get a tape measure that has both inches and centimeters.

A traditional level

There’s nothing more irritating than hanging your favorite piece of art only to take a step back and find that it’s crooked. By ensuring that your vertical and horizontal surfaces are straight before you secure a shelf or a mirror to the wall, a level can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your fittings and decorations are not resting on an angle. There are various types of levels available on the market, but you should do just fine with a traditional carpenter’s level.

No matter how organized you are and regardless of how well you plan for your move, it’s pretty much inevitable that you find yourself missing an essential item or two but with our list in mind, you can be fully prepared to turn your new house into a home with minimal effort. Besides the aforementioned tools, don’t forget about your basic tools such as your handy screwdriver set, your assortment of nails, your trusty hammer and, of course, your electric drill.

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