Top 3 Caribbean beaches to visit before you die

The Caribbean is well-known for the availability of exceptionally beautiful beaches. So, we have listed down in this article the most famous beaches present in the Caribbean that is a must for almost everyone to visit in their lifetime. You can easily find suitable beaches in the Caribbean for any season, may it be spring or winter. Below are some of the top Caribbean beaches throughout the entire globe.

Carlisle Bay, Barbados

This beach is situated in Barbados. It is known to be one of the top beaches present in the Caribbean. This beach is typically separated into several beaches such as Pebbles Beach, Browns Beach, and Bayshore.

This elegant beach comprises some of the most popular restaurants. These restaurants are widely known for the tiny fish sandwich, also called “Cuz’s.” Moreover, there are several local “cutters” available for $4.

The shape of the bay is crescent and white sand that looks ideal and builds a natural harbor on Barbados’s west coast. It is known as the major sailboats, cruise ships, and yachts harbor for Bridgetown’s capital city.

On this beach, you can easily enjoy your time while sitting under an umbrella and having a delicious meal or drink. You can also decide to go on a trip to the various shipwrecks and reefs present nearby. If you are interested in it, you can know more about Caribbean beaches here.

Hotels Nearby Carlisle Bay

  • Sugar Bay Barbados: On the island, this hotel is one of the most well-known people across the world. It’s situated only a few minutes away from Carlisle bay. It comes with TV rooms and gorgeous decor.
  • The Hilton Barbados Resort: It is another charming hotel near the beach, offering its residents access to two different beaches.

Morne Rouge, Grenada

Grand Anse Beach in Grenada gets quite the attention of various tourists, but Morne Rouge gives a much better Caribbean experience. This beach is also known as BBC Beach.

This beach is covered with glittering white sand particles that shimmer with azure water and offers coral reefs of different colors and fritters. It provides a very pleasant and light-hearted atmosphere. There are a few hotels and unique bars near this beach and some famous eating spots that provide such an exquisite view over the bay. Thus, Morne Rouge is isolated, but it is also very near to the action.

One famous bar is “The Plywood Bar,” where you can eat fried and bread oyster meat. Here, you can enjoy one of the best drinks offered in the Caribbean – “piña colada” and also enjoy the sunset over the Caribbean Sea.

One of the various reasons that make this beach one of the beaches in the Caribbean is due to its local vibes, peaceful atmosphere, calm waters, and isolation due to it being under-rated.

Hotels nearby Morne Rouge Beach

  • LaLuna Resort – This resort is situated near this beach. It’s around 15 min walking distance down from Morne Rouge Beach. This resort also includes a yoga studio, pool, and great restaurant. The private villas offer a great view and have their own modern kitchens.
  • Mount Cinnamon – However, Mount Cinnamon is overlooked by Grand Anse Beach. This hotel’s location is on the same road that leads to the Morne Rouge Beach and is very close to the beach. This hotel is only at 10 min walking distance. The luxury villas and private suites in Mount Cinnamon are very attractive, and the staff of this hotel is very kind and exceptional.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

It is yet another top beach present in the Caribbean Sea. In addition, it is also known as the most relaxing one. It is also widely known for its perfection and beauty.

There are several beautiful places along with white sands, peaceful locals, and scuba diving and snorkeling available as well. This beach is quite famous on the island. You also have the option to take a trip to take a bike ride alongside the beautiful beach.

Hotels nearby Ambergris Caye

  • Portofino Beach Resort: It is a famous hotel that is present nearby ambergris caye. It is situated in a beautiful location and is highly affordable for tourists as well.
  • Victoria House Resort: This is the leading boutique hotel that is available near the beach. It is a gorgeous place and is selected by a large number of tourists.


Thus, these are the top beaches present in the Caribbean. These are some of the most incredible choices for people wanting to spend their vacation with family members and close ones.

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