Top 5 Awesome Company Swag Ideas Your Employees Will Love 2022

If you’re trying to brand your company so that it reaches the next level, there’s one big question you need to ask yourself – how’s your swag?

The industry of branded promotional products is worth close to $18 billion today. Investing in these products can make or break your business today, and you’re leaving some serious potential on the table if you’re not currently using them. But which items make for the best swag experience?

We’re happy that you asked. Here are some great ideas to kick around when you’d like to upgrade your company swag. 

  1. T-Shirts

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with your company swag ideas. 

T-shirts are the most popular promotional product ideas because they flat-out get results. People love wearing the things that they believe in, and a t-shirt easy way to do just that.

Put some thought and effort into the color scheme and design so that it fits your company’s personality and is something that people would be proud to wear. T-shirts are excellent when you’re putting together team swag skits that keep everyone on the same page. 

  1. Keychains and Lanyards

Always go for functionality when putting together your swag ideas. We all use and carry keys, so keychains and lanyards can get maximum usage as a promotional product. Even if a person doesn’t use the keychain today, they may swap it out in the future and will then get daily impressions of your brand.

Lanyards are also the perfect swag for companies that use ID badges and access control systems. 

  1. Chargers and Tech

Technology offers some of the best company swag that you’ll find. Everyone uses charging cables to provide power to their smartphone, tablet, and other devices. Come up with some branded cables, cords, or charger packs so that people get value out of the product. 

There are also several other tech-related swag ideas that you can explore, such as Bluetooth speakers, USB sticks, and smartwatches. 

  1. Drinkware

Look for a company swag store that can set you up with customized mugs and glasses. These products become fixtures in a person’s home and may become part of their rituals. It’s common to have a favorite piece of drinkware for the morning coffee or post-work beer or wine. 

You’ll get to be part of this experience when you create drinkware that people will love and appreciate. 

  1. Bags

Finally, look into some stylish and durable swag bags that you can give out. You can look for totes, backpacks, laptop bags, messenger bags, and several other types that feature your logo and branding. 

Companies often use bags for their employee swag kits to put it all together in a concise and well-put-together package.  

Invest in Quality Company Swag

Using these company swag ideas can take your brand to the next level in ways you’ve never imagined. Promotional products are big business because they get results. Figure out what your company needs and explore these and other swag options. 

Start here and rely on our other articles to learn all about branding and marketing. 

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