Top 6 Delicious Dishes Made Using Beef Jerky

Beef jerkies are the ultimate American road trip snack. Whether going on a camping trip or backpacking through the country, you must carry beef jerky to have something to snack on.

While jerkies are great stand-alone snacks, they also work well as cooking ingredients. There are plenty of dishes you can enhance with beef jerky. In some cuisine, it can replace traditional cold cuts or meat to create a flavorful fusion.

Are you looking for some dishes you can make using jerky? Here are the top six delicious dishes you can create using beef jerky.

1. Beef Jerky Pizza

Making pizza from scratch can be tough due to the time and effort required to make the dough. You can buy pre-made dough from the convenience store and use it to make pizza.

You can use chopped beef jerky as topping on any pizza recipe. If you don’t want any added flavor, just use any traditional beef jerky.

Buy beef jerky that doesn’t use too many additives such as nitrates and msg. Opt for a jerky company that uses beef free of hormones and antibiotics, like Righteous Felon.

The most basic beef jerky pizza recipe would be similar to that of pepperoni pizza. Beef jerky is more flavorful than regular pepperoni, so it packs more of a punch.

Simply slather marinara on your pizza dough, then top it with shredded mozzarella and beef jerky. The heat will make the flavors ooze from the jerky and meld with cheese.

2. Cajun Red Beans with Jerky

Cajun species are often used to season jerky. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that beef jerky will go well with the classic cajun red beans. This southern delicacy is the ultimate comfort food.

A local favorite, andouille sausage, is added to cajun red beans to enhance its flavor and give it a meaty bite. You can easily add traditional beef jerky or cajun seasoned beef jerky instead of this sausage. This pork sausage can also be replaced with bacon or another traditionally seasoned pork jerky.

Since this dish is slow-cooked for almost 3 hours, the jerky gets ample time to release its flavors. The meat will also get hydrated and become softer. You can also consider using soft jerky for this recipe.

The flavor of beef jerky melds really well with classic Southern red beans. Once it’s done, serve it over a bed of rice to enjoy a hearty meal.

3. Jerky Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of those easy dishes to make. It is a versatile dish, and you can add a wide array of ingredients to your fried rice.

People add sausages, spam, bacon, shredded leftover poultry, and so many other types of meat into their makeshift fried rice. If you like throwing random ingredients into your fried rice, consider using beef jerky as well.

If you are making Asian-inspired fried rice flavored with soya sauce, try using teriyaki-flavored beef jerky to add a sweet and meaty kick to it.

Traditional fried rice ingredients like spring onions and eggs also work well with jerky. Add chopped jerky to your fried rice to give it a chewy bite.

4. Beef Jerky Marinara

Not only can you use beef jerky as a pizza topping, but you can also make your sauce. Similar to meaty bolognese, you can add jerky to your traditional Italian tomato sauce. You can use this sauce to make pasta, pizza, and lasagna. You can also slather it on a piece of bread.

Making beef jerky marinara is easy. Blanch raw tomatoes and get the skin removed, or simply use canned tomatoes. Crush them into a chunky paste with your hand. Bring it to a simmer and add traditional ingredients like basil, oregano, garlic, and olive oil.

Try to use traditional beef jerky with minimal seasonings or additives. Finely chop your beef jerky and add it to your sauce as it simmers. Cook it long enough to ensure that the flavors of the jerky are released into the sauce.

5. Jerky Omelet

Omelet works great as a healthy breakfast. It is one of those easy and healthy meals you can make within thirty minutes.

Eggs make a great base and can work well with many ingredients. You can add fresh veggies like onions, spring onions, bell peppers, and even tomatoes. People also add cheese and mushrooms to their omelets.

Omelets work well with bacon, canned meat, and sausages. This is why you can easily add beef jerky to your omelet to create a more flavorful omelet.

Beef jerky also works well with other omelet ingredients and creates a tastier meal. Make your breakfasts more protein-packed by adding jerky to your morning omelet.

6. Add to Your Charcuterie Board

Do you like arranging charcuterie boards for your guests? Whether for a casual hangout or as finger food for a party, cheese and charcuterie boards light up any friendly gathering. While it wouldn’t be a charcuterie board without cold cuts, you can also use jerky instead.

Beef jerky works well with a variety of cheeses, especially the sweeter ones. You can pair it with camembert, young cheddar, or even fresh mozzarella.

Beef jerky works exceptionally well with baked brie. You can dip your strips of beef jerky into oozing brie and enjoy a creamy delight.

But don’t just stop at beef jerky. You can use a variety of other jerkies, including exotic ones like elk or duck jerky.

Eating jerky with a cracker also works well, as the salt in the meat is tamed with the subtle sweetness of the cracker. Jerky can work as a cheaper alternative for expensive cold cuts.

Final Thoughts

Beef jerky is a versatile ingredient that can be added to almost any dish that requires a meaty addition. Not only do they work great as a pizza topping, but you can also use them to create your meat sauce.

You can use beef jerky to make traditional items like cajun kidney beans, or you can sprinkle them onto your fusion fried rice. We hope you try these top delicious dishes made using beef jerky.

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